53 Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter W

WaceeraThe wandererGirl
WadeAt the river crossingUnisex
WairimuOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WaithereroThe better one.Girl
WakiuruOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WaleisOne belonging from Wales.Girl
WallaceA Welshman or A CeltUnisex
WaltraudRule strengthGirl
WambuiThe singer of songs.Girl
WamuhuBorn of ashesGirl
WamuiruA dark skinned beauty.Girl
WamweruOne who is light skinned.Girl
WanettaA pale and fair woman.Girl
WangaiBorn of God.Girl
WangariA leopardGirl
WangeraA travelerGirl
WanguThe one who gathers the firewood.Girl
WanjaThe one from without.Girl
WanjeriBorn of Njeri.Girl
WanjikuOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WanjiruOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WannA pale and fair woman.Girl
WaverlyMeadow of quivering aspensUnisex
WaynetteThe wagon maker.Girl
WelsieA woman from the west.Girl
WendyLiterary nameGirl
WennaCornish form of Gwen, meaning white, fair, blessed.Girl
WenonaThe first born daughter.Girl
WhinaHelper, a helpful and kind girl.Girl
WhitleyWhite meadowGirl
WhitneyWhite IslandUnisex
WibekeFight, battle or warGirl
WibkeSpelling variation of Wibeke. It means fight or battle.Girl
WikitoriaVictorious. A Maori variation of Victoria.Girl
WilderWord name or Last nameUnisex
WillaOne who is firm and resolute.Girl
WillieVariation of William which Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of WilliamUnisex
WillowSlender or gracefulGirl
WilmaFrom Wilhelmina, a female variant of William, which means Will or desrire to protectGirl
WindaChasing for food.Girl
WinifredBlessed peacemakingGirl
WinnieFair one, white and smooth, soft, happiness, or fair and pureGirl
WinterWinter seasonGirl
WithypollThe twighead.Girl
WodeleahOne from the wooded meadowUnisex
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