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Origin, meaning and history of Clarine

The name Clarine originated from the Latin. The name means ‘bright’ and ‘famous’. On the other hand, it is believed to come from the Latin word ‘Clarus’, which means ‘clear’, or ‘the one who is illustrious, and ‘having no obstruction’.

This charming name is an alternate version of Claire, the Latin name for the girl child. Along with that, it is another translation of the French name Clara. To be more precise, Clarine has been replaced and altered in the late 19th century by Clara. The name Clarine offers the concept of clarity and an idea of enlightenment.

The name was traced back to 1194 when an Italian saint called Clare of Assisi was born. She was the first one to proclaim herself as a follower of Francis of Assisi.

Saint Clare, also known as Clare of Montefalco was an Augustinian nun. She was known for her devotion to Christ, and her passion for the welfare of mankind and the community.

Saint Clare is a patron saint of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County. She was known for her morals, such as; letting go, loving, trusting, slowing down, and opening up. She let the ecstasy of God spread across humanity, and make them feel the power of God and love.
According to history, the name became familiar during 1871-1920 when the households of the US, Scotland, and the UK started to consider the suitability of Clarine for their girl child.

The name is vastly used by people from distinct regions of the world. Clairene, Claireta, Clairette, Clairene, Clairy, Claireen, Clairice, Clarene, Clerissa, Klara, and Clarabel are some variations of this name. Besides, it has some nicknames as well, such as; Clari, Claren, Carol, and more.

Besides, the name is also been cherished by the fictional world of movies, series, and books. Clarine was a lead player in the video game ‘Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade’.


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Clearness; having no obstruction
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Famous People With The Name Clarine

  • Clarine HarpAmerican voice actor and the director of Blu-ray, DVD
  • Clarine Nardi RiddleFormer Attorney General of Connecticut, US
  • Clarine SeymourAn American silent film actress known for her work in Pots-and-Pans Peggy and It Happened to Adele
  • Clarine StephensonJamaican poet and novelist, best known for her novel Undine
  • Clarine CraftAmerican author, best known for Twisted Feeling

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