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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Claudette

Claudette is a feminine name popular in the Christian religion, and of French origin that means ‘lame’ or ‘enclosure.’ It is also known that Claudette is the female version of Claudius, a Roman surname derived from the Latin claudus. The name Claudette is a safe alternative for Claudia or Claudine.

Claudette also means ‘crippled’ or ‘limping,’ yet it’s considered that the name just means ‘of the patrician Claudii’ or has an undefined meaning. The Claudii were one of the most powerful Roman Patrician families. Moreover, Saint Claude of Besancon, who lived in the seventh century, is thought to have been the source of the name Claudette. The name was later used by a Scottish politician Lord Claude Hamilton and the impressionist painter Claude Monet.

The phonetic spelling of the name is k-l-aw-d-eh-t, KLO-DEHT, or klo-DET. The name may have several variations based on the origin and language it is used in. Klaudia (Albanian, Polish, Hungarian, German, and Slovak), Klavdiya (Bulgarian, Russian, and Ukrainian), Claudia (Biblical, Ancient Roman, Catalan, Italian, German, Dutch, English, Swedish, Portuguese and Romanian), Klaudija (Croatian), and Klaudie (Czech) are some to name.

Claudette Colbert, a French-American actress who received an Academy Award for the movie It Happened One Night, is a noteworthy individual who goes by the name Claudette.

In the fictional world, the character Miss Claudette Pelage from the television show ‘Orange is the New Black‘ is a well-known use of the name Claudette in popular culture. Dwight Yoakam’s song titled Claudette is also famous. In the world of Marvel Comics, Claudette St. Croix is a heroine, and Claudette Wyms is a character from the television show The Shield, and In the Dead by Daylight series, there is a character named Claudette Morel. The name Claudette also features a title of a song by the Everly Brothers.


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How To Pronounce Claudette?


Famous People With The Name Claudette

  • Claudette Johanne WoodartAmerican Politician , a former Democratic member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Claudette OrticAmerican singer, model and television personality known as a member of the R&B trio City High.
  • Claudette Rogers RobinsonAmerican singer best known for her time spent as a member of the vocal group The Miracles.
  • Claudette HauitiNew Zealand politician and producer of the award-winning program, Children of the Revolution.

Claudette On The Popularity Chart

The 1980s were a time when the name Claudette was highly prevalent, per Social Security Administration data. Check out the graphs below to see how its popularity and ranking have changed over time.

Popularity Over Time

The popularity of the name Claudette was highest in 1980 where 89 babies per million were given this name, then popularity went down as depicted in the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Claudette’s position in the rankings peaked in 1980 when it was ranked 1,398. Observe the graph below to understand how the name’s ranking has changed over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Claudette

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Popular Sibling Names For Claudette

Names With Similar Meaning As Claudette

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