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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Claudia

Claudia is the female version of Claudius which came from “claudus” in Latin meaning “lame” or “crippled.” However, there is also the possibility that the name came from “clausus” which means “closed.” The name most likely gained popularity due to the fourth Roman emperor Claudius Caesar, who also had a limp.

Claudia was also used to refer to any woman belonging to the Claudia gens, a prominent house in ancient Rome. Important members of the Claudia gens were the emperor Claudius Caesar, founder of the family Appius Claudius Sabinus Regillensis, also known as Attius Clausus, a public official named Appius Claudius Crassus appointed to codify the laws, official orator named Appius Claudius Caecus, and Claudius Gothicus, an officer in the Roman army.

Some variations of Claudia include Klaudia in German, Klavdiya in Bulgarian,  and Claude, Claudie, Claudette, Claudine in French. It is Claudio in Italian and Spanish and Cláudio in Portuguese.

Popular from the 16th century onwards, Claudia is an uncommon name to come by in recent times. The world of television and films, however, has many characters named Claudia. Claudia Blaisdel Carrington was the troubled wife of Matthew Blaisdel in the hit American TV soap opera Dynasty in the 80s. The Australian popular series Home and Away has a character named Claudia Hammond who first appeared in the show in 2009. The Baby-Sitters Club series of novels written by Ann M Martin, which tells  the story of a group of friends running a babysitting service, has one of the main characters named Claudia Kishi. She is one of the four members of the group and vice president of the club.

In The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice, we see child vampire Claudia in Interview with the Vampire. The name was also made famous by the German supermodel of the 90s Claudia Schiffer. Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer has named her daughter Claudia, further contributing to the name’s popularity.


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As mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of 'Claudius', a 7th century saint
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How To Pronounce Claudia?


Famous People With The Name Aurora

  • Claudia SchifferGerman supermodel
  • Claudia CardinaleItalian actress
  • Claudia WinklemanBritish TV presenter, model, journalist
  • Claudia AlexanderNASA scientist
  • Claudia ChristianAmerican actress
  • Claudia CowanAmerican journalist
  • Claudia KemfertGerman economist
  • Claudia Guadalupe MartinezAmerican children’s literature author
  • Claudia S MillerAmerican author and immunologist
  • Claudia WellsAmerican actress

Claudia On The Popularity Chart

Claudia was once a popular name, but it has been on a downward trend after peaking in the late 90s. The graphic representation below will give you more information.

Popularity Over Time

The popularity of the name Claudia has been going down since the 90s. From 1405 in 1980, the name saw a surge in popularity touching 1837 babies per million in 1997. Since then, its popularity has been dropping with 244 babies per million registered as Claudia in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

1997 was the year for the name Claudia when it ranked its highest at 168. It has since slipped on the popularity charts, hitting the lowest of 1049 in 2019.

Source: Social Security Administration

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