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Origin, Meaning, And History of Colette

A traditional feminine name, Colette has its origins in Greek culture. It is a short version of the Greek name Nicolette, which is the feminine version of the Greek name Nicholas. The name signifies ‘victory of people,’ and is usually used for boys.

It is a diminutive and feminine version of the medieval name Colle, meaning ‘young creature.’ Interestingly, Colle is the shortened form of the Greek name Nicholas.

Although Colette doesn’t appear in the Bible, the name is significant to the people of the Christian faith. Saint Colette was a French nun in the 15th century known among the people for her great piety. Furthermore, the pope had invested her with the power to raise individuals to life again, for which the people loved her.

Colette is typically easy to pronounce as it comprises two syllables, and people utter it as KAW-LEHT or c(o)-lette. In French culture, there can be several variants attributed to Colette’s spellings, such as Cloette, Coco, Coetta, Coleta, Collet, Colleta, Collete, Collett, Collette, and Kolette. Greek culture uses Coletta as a variant, while Gaelic cultures use Coe as their variant.

If you want to call your little sunshine by a nickname, Coco, Coli, Cole, Lette, Ette, Cols, and Letty are among the popular choices made by parents.

Among the makers of different video games, Colette has been quite popular. For instance, the Tales of Symphonia has a character named Colette Brunel. The video game Brawl Stars includes a character named Colette. The game Half-Life: Decay has a character named Colette Green.

In literary works such as movies, Colette has garnered popularity. The 2019 movie Dumbo has a character named Colette Marchant. The award-winning 2007 movie Ratatouille has a character named Colette Tatou, the sole female chef in the restaurant of the late Auguste Gusteau.


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One who is victorious and an achiever in all fields
French, Greek
 C..  Ca..  Cal..  Cas..  Cel..  Ceo..  Cha.. 

How To Pronounce Colette?


Famous People With The Name Colette

  • Colette AppelAmerican former pair skater, placed 12th at the 2002 World Junior Championships
  • Colette BursonAmerican television writer, known for her HBO television show, Hung
  • Colette Mary CarrAmerican musician and songwriter whose fifth album reached the number eleven spot on Billboard’s Dance-Club Chart in 2013
  • Colette HillerAmerican actress, known for her role in the 1986 film Aliens as Corporal Ferro
  • Colette InezAmerican poet, won the Guggenheim Fellowship

Colette On The Popularity Chart

Let us look at the graph by the Social Security Administration to understand the popularity and ranking trends of Colette over the years.

Popularity Over Time

Until 1998, merely 121 babies per million were named Colette. However, since then, there has been a significant spike in popularity, and in 2021, 684 babies per million shared this name. The graph below represents the data in detail.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Until 2007, Colette’s ranking went through several fluctuations. However, after 2014, it consistently ranked among the Top 550 names for babies. Check the graph below to know more.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Colette

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Name Numerology For Colette

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