106 Croatian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Croatia, a country of the Roman Catholics, has its own culture and customs. Croatian names have a unique composition, lettering, and structuring that is similar to that of the Slavic people and other traditional European naming systems.

But modernization and globalization have taken the Croatian naming styles to beyond the Slavic customs, and new names are being borrowed from all over the world. In this MomJunction post, we have curated a list of 109 such modern and noble names that you can choose for your baby boy. Read on to find the perfect one for him.

DavidA beloved friendBoy
FilipA horse lover (Spanish)Boy
IvanoA form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
JakovMay the God watch over youBoy
LeonName meaning LionBoy
LukaOne who shines his light on othersBoy
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MatejOne considered a God's GiftBoy
MateoHe was the gift of GodBoy
NikaThe one who is for God's purpose.Unisex
PetarOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pero; A form of PeterBoy
AlojzFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzijeA famous warrior.Boy
AndrejaCroatian form of Andrew, meaning manly or masculine.Boy
AndrijaCroatian form of Andrew, meaning warrior or manly.Boy
AntonijoCroatian form of Antonio, meaning worthy of praise.Boy
AntunOne who is invaluable.Boy
BaldoBa'al protect the king.Boy
BartolCroatian form of Bartholomew meaning son of Talmai.Boy
BartolomejCroatian form of Bartholomew, meaning ploughman.Boy
BlagoA gentle, mild and blessed boy.Boy
BlagojeVariant of Blago, meaning a mild, gentle and blessed boy.Boy
BorislavBattle glory.Boy
DalmatCroatian word for sheep.Boy
DamjanCroatian form of Damian, meaning to tame.Boy
DanabothValley or a person from Denmark.Boy
DarijoCroatian form of Darius, meaning to possess.Boy
DavorinA mythological name, meaning god of war.Boy
DenielA variant of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.Boy
DinkoSovereign, lord, patron or organizer.Boy
DmitarThe one who loves the earth.Boy
DomagojDomagoj is derived from the Slavic elements domu, which means home and gojiti, which means grow, heal, and nurture.Boy
DorijanCroatian form of Dorian, meaning child of the sea.Boy
DraenOne who is clever.Boy
DragutinOne who is dear and precious.Boy
DrevanDear and beloved one.Boy
DubravkoGrove or tree.Boy
DukoDuko is derived from Doede, meaning a famous wolf.Boy
FraneCroatian form of Francis, meaning freeman.Boy
FranjoCroatian form of Frances, meaning free man.Boy
GabrijelCroatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.Boy
GrgaOne who is watchful and alert.Boy
GrgurA watchful and vigilant man.Boy
Hrvoje"Derived from the Croatian word Hrvat meaning ""Croat""."Boy
IlijaCroatian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh.Boy
ImeA miracleBoy
ImunOne who is clean and immune.Boy
IvicaGraced by YahwehBoy
IvorBow of the warrior.Boy
JadranOne who is named after the Adriatic seaBoy
JadrankoA man who belongs to Hadria, or from Hadria.Boy
JadrankoOne coming from the city Hadria.Boy
JadrianOne who is like the Adriatic seaBoy
JavorMaple treeBoy
JerkoA diminutive of Jeromin.Boy
JeronimOne who is saved from the harm, a holy name.Boy
JozoCroatian version of Joseph, meaning God will add.Boy
JureCroatian version of George, meaning farmer or earth worker.Boy
JuricaCroatian form of Simon, meaning farmer.Boy
KarloKarlo means Man with ArmorBoy
KeftenIt means a chestnut; naughty and nurturingBoy
KestenCroatian word for chestnut.Boy
KreoI create or the creator.Boy
KristijanCroatian form of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
KristoforThe worshipper of ChristBoy
KrunoShort form of Krunoslav. It means glory to the crown.Boy
KrunoslavGlory to the crown.Boy
LjuboPeace and love.Boy
LjubomirOne who loves peace.Boy
LovreShort form of Lovrenco. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LovrencoCroatian form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
LovroShort form of Lovrenc.Boy
LucijanOne who is born into light.Boy
MarioA sad, bitter personBoy
MatijaCroatian form of Matthias, meaning gift of God.Boy
MatkoDiminutive of Matthias, meaning gift of Yahweh.Boy
MihoCroatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MihovilCroatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MislavThe thought of glory.Boy
PavaoCroatian form of Paul, meaning small or humble.Boy
RokoCroatian form of Rocco, meaning rest.Boy
SebastijanSlovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.Boy
SlavcoOne who brings glory to the family.Boy
SreckoLuck, a lucky and fortunate man.Boy
StipeCroatian diminutive of Stjepan. It means crown.Boy
TinIn Croatian a suffix name that means a Saint. In Vietnamese it means a thinkerBoy
TomislavTomislav is derived from the Slavic element tomiti, which means torture combined with slava meaning glory.Boy
VanjaCroatian form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
VedranClear and cheerfulBoy
VelimirGreat peaceBoy
VidCroatian form of Wido, meaning wood.Boy
ViktorViktor is a form of Victor and means Victoria.Boy
VinkoConquering, a man with conquering and leadership qualities.Boy
VitoCroatian form of Vitus, meaning life.Boy
VjekoGlory of the ages.Boy
VjekoslavGlory of the ages.Boy
VlahoOne who talks with a lisp.Boy
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