230 Croatian Baby Names With Meanings

Gifting your baby a beautiful Croatian name is paramount. You do a lot of brainstorming, thinking about the name, meaning, and whether it will sit well with your child’s surname and middle name or not. But MomJunction is here to take some burden off your shoulder. Just keep scrolling.

Croatian is the standard language of Croatia and one of the official languages of the European Union. Being a South Slavic language, most of Croatian vocabulary is derived from the Slavic branch of Indo-European language.

When the Croats arrived in Croatia, they used Slavic names and its corresponding naming customs. But with globalization and modernization, Croatian baby naming system underwent a sea of change. Croatians now follow a unique, and slightly complex structuring, lettering, naming custom and composition, which is similar to most of the European naming systems. Even the given names list has expanded to include borrowed names from all over the world. Although the given names in Croatia are influenced by the names of other countries, the surnames are Slavic and are required to go through Anglicization.

If you’re looking for some Croatian baby name suggestions, you’ve landed at the right place. Below is our compilation of Croatian baby names with meanings.

KestenCroatian word for chestnut.Boy
KlaudijaKlaudija means She is Lame and CrippledGirl
KlimentinaKlementina means Kind and SparingGirl
KrasnaA beautiful woman.Girl
KreoI create or the creator.Boy
KristijanCroatian form of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
KristoforThe worshipper of ChristBoy
KrunoShort form of Krunoslav. It means glory to the crown.Boy
KrunoslavGlory to the crown.Boy
LjubaA Slavic word that means LoveGirl
LjuboPeace and love.Boy
LjubomirOne who loves peace.Boy
LovreShort form of Lovrenco. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LovrencoCroatian form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
LovroShort form of Lovrenc.Boy
LucijanOne who is born into light.Boy
MarioA sad, bitter personBoy
MatijaCroatian form of Matthias, meaning gift of God.Boy
MatkoDiminutive of Matthias, meaning gift of Yahweh.Boy
MihoCroatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MihovilCroatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MirjanaBeloved one.Girl
MirnaA calm and tender personGirl
MirtaAn evergreen shrub or a small treeGirl
MislavThe thought of glory.Boy
MojcaThe beloved one.Girl
PatricijaCroatian form of Patricia, meaning noble.Girl
PavaoCroatian form of Paul, meaning small or humble.Boy
RadenkaTo work.Girl
RadmilaA sweet happinessGirl
RokoCroatian form of Rocco, meaning rest.Boy
SafrankaSaffron flower.Girl
SarlotaCroatian variant of Caroline, meaning strong.Girl
SeadaOne who is happy and cheerful.Girl
SebastijanSlovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.Boy
SenadaOne who is graceful and heavenly.Girl
SesilaCroatian form of Cecilia, meaning blind.Girl
SibilaName of a Greek prophetess. It means oracle.Girl
ŠimeCroatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.Boy
ŠimunCroatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.Boy
SimunkaTo hear, to be heardGirl
SlatkaSweet or sweetly flavored.Girl
SlavcoOne who brings glory to the family.Boy
SlavenkaA Slavic woman.Girl
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