80 Cyprus Baby Names With Meanings


Cyprus, an enchanting Mediterranean island nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a land steeped in history, culture, and tradition. This island country isn’t just known for its people's hospitality, generosity, and friendliness but also boasts of some of the most amazing and unique Cyprus baby names. In Cyprus, children are generally named after their regional patron saint if they are christened in an Orthodox church. In Cyprus, the eldest child is usually named after his paternal grandfather, and the eldest daughter is named after the paternal grandmother. The second son can be named after the maternal grandfather, and the second daughter after the maternal grandmother. So don’t be surprised if you find cousins with the same name in a Cypriot family. Cypriots, mainly the Greek Cypriots, often use common Greek surnames, but some are markedly Cypriot. The surname can indicate the family profession, occupation, birthplace, or origin. The surname can also include digraphs, which mark the aspirated stops, such as Ττοφή /tʰoˈfi/. Keeping with the older traditions of Greece and its people, Cypriots also use patronyms, that is, the father's name, first name, and surname. A significant population of the Turkish Cypriot community in Cyprus and northern Cyprus adhere to customary Turkish traditions, using their father's given name as their family name. In this cultural practice, spouses and children commonly adopt the personal name of the husband or father as their own surname (1). Exploring Cyprus’s baby names is akin to embarking on a linguistic and cultural odyssey, where every name tells a story and reflects the island's rich heritage. So, if you’re looking for some unique Cypriot baby names, take a look at our list of well-curated names below. We have some of the most beautiful Cypriot baby boy and girl names.

heart image Ada Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; First-born girl
heart image Albert Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Bright
heart image Amanda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is made for love and respect; Loved by others
heart image Andreas Baby Boy Sign Boy Manly and strong
heart image Androula Baby Girl Sign Girl From Andronicus; Victory
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Annita Baby Girl Sign Girl God was gracious; God has shown favor; Favor
heart image Ariana Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Holy
heart image Artem Baby Boy Sign Boy Shorter version of Artemas; Variant of Artemis
heart image Bahadir Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is brave and valiant
heart image Brandon Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince; Chieftain; Gorse hill
heart image Chan Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Charalambos Baby Boy Sign Boy Glowing with joy
heart image Chloe Baby Girl Sign Girl Fresh blooming; Ripe green shoot
heart image Christina Baby Girl Sign Girl Anointed; Follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Christos Baby Boy Sign Boy Messiah; The anointed one
heart image Cipriana Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman from Cyprus.
heart image Constantina Baby Girl Sign Girl Steadfast
heart image Costas Baby Boy Sign Boy Constant; Steady; Diminutive of Constantin; Stable
heart image Cyprus Baby Boy Sign Boy The fair one
heart image Dana Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my judge; Pearl; Brave
heart image Elena Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright one
heart image Eleni Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Shining light
heart image Eyyup Baby Boy Sign Boy Turkish form of Job; He who weeps or cries
heart image Ferhat Baby Boy Sign Boy Winner; Smart; Male Hero
heart image Florentia Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Florence; To blossom
heart image Francis Baby Boy Sign Boy Hailing from France; Free person, Frank
heart image Furkan Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Furqan; Evidence; Proof
heart image Georgia Baby Girl Sign Girl Farmer; Land worker
heart image Giannis Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Giorgos Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer
heart image Godsguide Baby Boy Sign Boy God will guide
heart image Hamidi Baby Boy Sign Boy To be commended; Praise
heart image Harley Baby Boy Sign Boy Hare's meadow
heart image Hasan Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome
heart image Helena Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Shining light
heart image Ibrahim Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of many
heart image Iria Baby Girl Sign Girl Colorful or rainbow
heart image John Baby Boy Sign Boy God is merciful and gracious
heart image Joseph Baby Boy Sign Boy He will add; Praise
heart image Julie Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy-bearded; Soft hair; Beautiful; Vivacious
heart image Juliet Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy; Descended from Jupiter
heart image Kaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Kings of kings; Ruler
heart image Katerina Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Katie Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Kostas Baby Boy Sign Boy Constant
heart image Kyrenia Baby Girl Sign Girl Mermaid
heart image Lefteris Baby Boy Sign Boy A free man; A nickname of Elefherios
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Mariliza Baby Girl Sign Girl Star of the sea
heart image Marina Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to the sea
heart image Markus Baby Boy Sign Boy God of war; Male
heart image Maryann Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter; Of the sea
heart image Max Baby Boy Sign Boy The greatest
heart image Mehmet Baby Boy Sign Boy Praise
heart image Mert Baby Boy Sign Boy Manly or man
heart image Michalis Baby Girl Sign Girl Who is like God
heart image Mory Baby Boy Sign Boy Mulberry tree.
heart image Mustafa Baby Boy Sign Boy Chosen; Appointed; Preferred
heart image Nicholas Baby Boy Sign Boy People's victory
heart image Nikolas Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory of the people
heart image Onur Baby Boy Sign Boy Righteousness, decency, integrity or morality
heart image Panagiotis Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is like a holy saint
heart image Panayiota Baby Girl Sign Girl Cyprus form of Panagiota, holy
heart image Panayiotis Baby Boy Sign Boy All holy
heart image Polis Baby Girl Sign Girl Citizen or body of citizens
heart image Queen Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman; Wife
heart image Rumeysa Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Rumaisa; Wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks
heart image Samuel Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of God
heart image Savina Baby Girl Sign Girl A sabine
heart image Sevket Baby Boy Sign Boy Power and dignity
heart image Soner Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is the last man
heart image Sonia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom
heart image Stefan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Crown; Wreath
heart image Stylianos Baby Boy Sign Boy Pillar; Strong as a pillar
heart image Theo Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Toby Baby Boy Sign Boy Yahweh is good
heart image Tony Baby Boy Sign Boy Form of the Roman Antonius; Flourishing
heart image Yiorgos Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer
heart image Zafer Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory; Conqueror; Victor

Cyprus offers a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary allure that is reflected in Cyrus baby names. Cypriot names stand out from others because of its rich history and diverse cultural influences. Cyprus encapsulates a fascinating spectrum of nomenclature, from timeless classics that pay homage to ancient civilizations to modern choices embracing global trends.

Infographic: Mesmerizing Cyprus Baby Names With Meanings

Cyprus contains a confluence of languages due to its location at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Most names come from Greek, but some have Turkish and Armenian influences. Many parents consider Cypriot names for the linguistic diversity it offers. Check out the infographic containing the choicest baby names from Cyprus.

cyprus baby names for your charming child (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any special traditions or customs related to baby naming in Cyprus?

Cypriots follow a patronymic naming system, wherein their first name is followed by the patronymic name or their father’s personal names and the family name. The family names are often abbreviated for the ease of spelling and pronunciation. For example, the surname ‘Papachristodoulopoulos’ is often abbreviated to ‘Pappas.’

2. What are some of the most popular Greek-inspired baby names from Cyprus?

Some of the popular Greek-inspired Cyprus names include Andri (snow shoe), Christia (variant of Kristia, meaning a christian), Evanthes (flowery and blooming), Hamidi (to be praised), and Krystallo (crystal).

3. Are there any popular baby name combinations in Cyprus?

Popular Cyprus name combinations include Ayşegül, which is a combination of the names ‘Ayşe’, the turkish form of the name Aisha meaning ‘alive’ and ‘gol’ which means rose, Ayşenur, a combination of the names ‘Ayse’ and ‘nur’ which means ‘light’, and Batuhan, a combination of the names ‘Batu’ meaning ‘firm’ and the ‘han’ meaning ‘a ruler or leader’.


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