81 Cyprus Baby Names With Meanings

Cyprus isn’t just known for the hospitality, generosity, and friendliness of its people. It also boasts of some of the most amazing and unique baby names.

In Cyprus, children are generally named after the patron saint of their region if they are christened in an orthodox church. Alternatively, the eldest child can be named after his paternal grandfather, and the eldest daughter can be named after the paternal grandmother. The second son can be named after the maternal grandfather and the second daughter after the maternal grandmother. So don’t be surprised if you find cousins with the same name in a Cypriot family.

Cypriots, mainly the Greek Cypriots, often use common Greek surnames, but some are markedly Cypriot. The surname can indicate the family profession or occupation or place of birth or origin. The surname can also include digraphs, which mark the aspirated stops, such as Ττοφή /tʰoˈfi/.

Keeping with the older traditions of Greece and its people, Cypriots also use patronyms, the name of the father, along with the first name and surname.

So if you’re looking for some unique Cypriot baby names, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We have got some of the most beautiful Cypriot baby boy and girl names.

AdaProsperous, happyGirl
AlbertNoble, brightBoy
AmandaThe one who is made for love and respect who are active and brightGirl
AndreasForm of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manlyBoy
AndroulaFrom Andronicus, which means VictoryGirl
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AnnitaHebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; It is a variation of Anna; A variant of AnitaGirl
ArianaThe pure and holy oneGirl
ArtemShorter version of Artemas; another name of ArtemisBoy
BahadirOne who is brave and valiantBoy
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personBoy
ChanThe gracious GodBoy
CharalambosGlowing with joyBoy
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
ChristinaFeminine form of ChristianityGirl
ChristosMessiah; the annointed oneBoy
CiprianaA woman from Cyprus.Girl
ConstantinaContinuous, abiding, and constant; does not changeGirl
CostasConstant or steady. It's the short form of Constantine.Boy
CyprusThe fair oneBoy
DanaAnother form of Danu, a Celtic goddess of fertilityGirl
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
EleniVariation of the beautiful HelenGirl
EyyupEyyup is the Turkish form of Job and means he that weeps or cries.Boy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FlorentiaA tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'Girl
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FurkanVariant of Furqan. It means evidence or proof.Boy
GeorgiaFeminine form of georgeGirl
GiannisGiannis is an Italian male name, a variation of the name Gianni. It means God is Gracious and has Hebrew origins.Boy
GiorgosGiorgos is a Greek name and means Farmer.Boy
GodsguideGod will guideBoy
HamidiTo Be Commended, PraiseBoy
Harleyhare wood or meadowBoy
HasanGood, Handsome, Beautiful, One who BeautifiesBoy
Helenan mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan WarGirl
IbrahimA variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .Boy
IriaColorful or rainbowGirl
JasminSpelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower.Girl
JohnEldest son of Saul,God is Benevolent,merciful and graciousBoy
JosephHebrew - Yahweh will add; God will Multiply; Derived from the element 'yacaph' meaning to add, to increaseBoy
JulieLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
Julietthey love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others.Girl
KaanKing of kings or ruler.Boy
KaterinaKaterina means The Pure and the ClearGirl
KatieKatie means ClearGirl
KostasKostas means ConstantBoy
KyreniaThe name means MermaidGirl
LefterisA nickname of Elefherios, meaning a free manBoy
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MarilizaStar of the seaGirl
MarinaA woman of the seaGirl
MarkusOne who is manly and virileBoy
MaryannOne who is bitterGirl
MaxThe greates, the best. A superlativeBoy
MehmetPraiseworthy rulerBoy
MertMert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.Boy
Michalisthe person who is connected to God.Girl
MoryMory is derived from the French word for mulberry tree.Boy
MustafaMustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.Boy
NicholasThe conqueror of the nation.Boy
NikolasShouting voice of victorious people.Boy
OnurRighteousness or decency or integrity or moralityBoy
PanagiotisA person who is like a holy saintGirl
PanayiotaPanayiota is a Cyprus form of Panagiota. It means Holy.Girl
PanayiotisPanayiotis is a variant of Panagiotis and means all holy.Boy
PolisPolis means citizen or body of citizens in GreekGirl
QueenQueen is derived from Old English word cwen, meaning woman or wife.Girl
RumeysaVariant of Rumaisa. It means wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks.Girl
SamuelIt was told by the GodBoy
SavinaA sabineGirl
SevketTurkish form of Shawkat, meaning power and dignityBoy
SonerHe who is the last manBoy
StylianosPillar, strong as a pillarBoy
TheoTheo is the short form for Theodore and means god given,Boy
TobyYahweh is goodBoy
TonyTony is a Roman clan name, meaning highly praiseworthy.Boy
ZaferVictory or victorBoy
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