47 Cyprus Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AndreasForm of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manlyBoy
ChristosMessiah; the annointed oneBoy
KostasKostas means ConstantBoy
NicholasThe conqueror of the nation.Boy
AlbertNoble, brightBoy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
ArtemShorter version of Artemas; another name of ArtemisBoy
BahadirOne who is brave and valiantBoy
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personBoy
ChanThe gracious GodBoy
CharalambosGlowing with joyBoy
CostasConstant or steady. It's the short form of Constantine.Boy
CyprusThe fair oneBoy
EyyupEyyup is the Turkish form of Job and means he that weeps or cries.Boy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FurkanVariant of Furqan. It means evidence or proof.Boy
GiannisGiannis is an Italian male name, a variation of the name Gianni. It means God is Gracious and has Hebrew origins.Boy
GiorgosGiorgos is a Greek name and means Farmer.Boy
GodsguideGod will guideBoy
HamidiTo Be Commended, PraiseBoy
Harleyhare wood or meadowBoy
HasanGood, Handsome, Beautiful, One who BeautifiesBoy
IbrahimA variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .Boy
JohnEldest son of Saul,God is Benevolent,merciful and graciousBoy
JosephHebrew - Yahweh will add; God will Multiply; Derived from the element 'yacaph' meaning to add, to increaseBoy
KaanKing of kings or ruler.Boy
LefterisA nickname of Elefherios, meaning a free manBoy
MarkusOne who is manly and virileBoy
MaxThe greates, the best. A superlativeBoy
MehmetPraiseworthy rulerBoy
MertMert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.Boy
MoryMory is derived from the French word for mulberry tree.Boy
MustafaMustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.Boy
NikolasShouting voice of victorious people.Boy
OnurRighteousness or decency or integrity or moralityBoy
PanayiotisPanayiotis is a variant of Panagiotis and means all holy.Boy
SamuelIt was told by the GodBoy
SevketTurkish form of Shawkat, meaning power and dignityBoy
SonerHe who is the last manBoy
StylianosPillar, strong as a pillarBoy
TheoTheo is the short form for Theodore and means god given,Boy
TobyYahweh is goodBoy
TonyTony is a Roman clan name, meaning highly praiseworthy.Boy
ZaferVictory or victorBoy
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