34 Cyprus Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East, Cyprus is a beautiful island country with beautiful scenic beauty. If you are looking for a name, Cyprus baby girl names could be a perfect choice with meaningful significance. Whether you are from Cyprus or any nearby country, or you like this country, you may select a Cyprus name from this post to show your interest and preference towards their culture and scenic beauty.

Since Cyprus is majorly divided among the Turkish and Greek Cypriots, Cyprus names usually have Greek and Turkish origins. The Turkish-originated names mainly consist of Muslim names, such as Ada, and Marina, while those of Greek origins are Biblical names, Annita, and Maria, as they mainly adhere to the Greek Orthodox Church (1). The naming tradition of Greek Cypriots differs from that of Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Cypriots have a given name followed by a patronymic name and family name. They often use the paternal grandfather's name as the first name for the first-born son, like Greeks. Turkish Cypriots have a personal name followed by a surname, similar to the traditional Turkish naming practices. However, men usually take their father’s name as their surname, and women and children generally adopt their husband/father’s name as a surname (2). Also, a study on Cyprus names showed that most female names are of Western origin. With the current changes in naming traditions, the Westernized versions of the traditional names are being adopted (3).

The below-curated list of Cyprus names for girls helps you choose the best name for your little angel. So, dive into this list of girl names from this island, and explore each name in this post to pick the best one.

heart image Androula Baby Girl Sign Girl From Andronicus; Victory
heart image Christina Baby Girl Sign Girl Anointed; Follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Eleni Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Shining light
heart image Georgia Baby Girl Sign Girl Farmer; Land worker
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Michalis Baby Girl Sign Girl Who is like God
heart image Panagiotis Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is like a holy saint
heart image Panayiota Baby Girl Sign Girl Cyprus form of Panagiota, holy
heart image Ada Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; First-born girl
heart image Amanda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is made for love and respect; Loved by others
heart image Annita Baby Girl Sign Girl God was gracious; God has shown favor; Favor
heart image Ariana Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Holy
heart image Chloe Baby Girl Sign Girl Fresh blooming; Ripe green shoot
heart image Cipriana Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman from Cyprus.
heart image Constantina Baby Girl Sign Girl Steadfast
heart image Dana Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my judge; Pearl; Brave
heart image Elena Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright one
heart image Florentia Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Florence; To blossom
heart image Helena Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Shining light
heart image Iria Baby Girl Sign Girl Colorful or rainbow
heart image Julie Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy-bearded; Soft hair; Beautiful; Vivacious
heart image Juliet Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy; Descended from Jupiter
heart image Katerina Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Katie Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Kyrenia Baby Girl Sign Girl Mermaid
heart image Mariliza Baby Girl Sign Girl Star of the sea
heart image Marina Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to the sea
heart image Maryann Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter; Of the sea
heart image Polis Baby Girl Sign Girl Citizen or body of citizens
heart image Queen Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman; Wife
heart image Rumeysa Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Rumaisa; Wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks
heart image Savina Baby Girl Sign Girl A sabine
heart image Sonia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom
heart image Stefan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Crown; Wreath

The list of Cyprus baby girl names above is a mix of carefully chosen options with diverse origins, reflecting Cyprus' history of cultural influences. Most names stem from Turkish or Greek roots, highlighting the island's main resident groups. The list includes common and unique names, giving you a wide selection. Take your time to go through it with your partner or loved ones and find the perfect name for your baby girl.

Infographic: Lovely Names For Girls From Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea with mesmerizing scenic beauty. So, if you’re intrigued by this lovely island, its culture, and its heritage, the infographic below includes some trendy and unique Cypriot names for baby girls. Each name features its meaning, letting you choose the best for your daughter.

soulful cypriot names for baby girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Cypriot baby girl names inspired by nature or the environment?

A few Cypriot baby girl names associated with nature or the environment are Mercan meaning ‘coral,’ Meltem meaning ‘sea wind,’ Melina meaning ‘honey,’ Miray meaning ‘moon,’ Müge meaning ‘lily of the valley,’ Nehir meaning ‘river,’ Nergis, meaning ‘daffodil,’ Nilay meaning ‘moon,’ Nurgul meaning ‘radiant rose,’ Pinar meaning ‘spring,’ and Su meaning ‘water.’

What are some popular Cypriot baby girl names that have Greek origins?

A few Cypriot baby girl names of Greek origin are Chloi, 'green shoot,’ Krystallo, 'crystal,’ and Theopisti, meaning ‘faithful to God.’

What are some popular Cypriot baby girl names that have Turkish origins?

Cypriot baby girl names with Turkish origins include Meltem meaning ‘sea wind,’ Narin meaning ‘delicate’ or ‘fragile,’ Nefes, meaning ‘breath,’ and Sudenaz meaning ‘painted’ and ‘coy.’

What are some of the most popular biblical baby girl names in Cyprus?

The most popular Biblical baby girl names in Cyprus include Anna, meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace,’ associated with Hannah in the New Testament; Eva meaning ‘to breathe,’ associated with the Biblical Eve; Lia meaning ‘weary,’ associated with Leah the first wife of Jacob from the Old Testament; and Maria meaning ‘rebellious’ or ‘beloved,’ associated with Miriam the sister of Moses and Mary the mother of Jesus.


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