47 Czech Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdamMan, earthBoy
FilipA horse lover (Spanish)Boy
JakubSiezed by the handBoy
JanGift from GodBoy
LukasHe who illuminatesBoy
MatejOne considered a God's GiftBoy
MatyasHungarian name for a gift from the GodBoy
OndrejHuman warrior or mannish soldier.Boy
TomasThe twin, one of a born twinBoy
VojtechVoj means War, and Tech means EagerBoy
AlesGerman - Nobly Famous; Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant name of Albert and AlexanderBoy
AndrejOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreasBoy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AntekLatin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is AnthonyBoy
AntoninLatin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is AnthonyBoy
ArnoGermanic - Earnest; Serious; Eagle Ruler; Variant of name ArnoldBoy
ArtisCeltic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name ArthurBoy
BogumirBogumir is derived from the elements bogu which means "god" and meru, which means "great, famous" or miru "peace, world".Boy
BohdanHe who is god-givenBoy
BohdankoGod's giftBoy
BohumilHe who is dear to the GodBoy
BohuslavThe God's gloryBoy
BoleslavOne who has the greater gloryBoy
BrencisA crown; worn on the head of the ruler or kingBoy
CestmirA strong fortressBoy
CyrilMasterful; one who is talentedBoy
DalThe blind oneBoy
DamikOne who is from EarthBoy
DobromirGood Fame; one who keeps prestige and peaceBoy
DobroslavIt means good glory in chezBoy
DusaA spirit; they are creative beingsBoy
FrantisekCzech form of 'Franciscus' which means a free individualBoy
JezekRefers to a tiny nocturnal old world mammal.Boy
JuroOld Greek - Farmer; Earth Worker; A variant form of the English GeorgeBoy
KalalKalal name means WoodcutterBoy
KazimirKazimir means He Who Destroys the WoldBoy
KolarOccupational name derived from the Slavic kolar meaning "cartwright"; WheelwrightBoy
LojzaWarrior of big fameBoy
LubomirLover of the peaceBoy
MedardGermanic - Good, Brave, Hardy; A variant of MedardoBoy
OldrichOne who is pleasing in appearance specially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportionBoy
OtikA rich and wealthy individualBoy
OtokarsA wealthy and rich individualBoy
RadekOne who is happyBoy
SimanOne who i perceivedBoy
TiborHe who comes from TivoliBoy
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