67 Danish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Danish baby boy names are a distinctive blend of tradition, modernity, and culture, appealing not only to Danish parents but also drawing interest from parents across the globe. These names often have captivating sounds and profound meanings. Hence, they are often top choices for families in search of exceptional names for their sons. Denmark has an interesting naming system. Until the late 19th century, most people used patronymics instead of surnames. These names were a combination of the father’s Christian name followed by the suffixes sen for son and datter for daughter. For example, the son of Ander Hansen, whose name is Lars, will be named Lars Andersen. On the other hand, Ander Hansen’s daughter, Anna, will be named Anna Andersdatter. However, patronymics were abolished legally in 1826 and family names or surnames began to be used (1). Denmark also had a restricted number of Christian names. Many children were named after a deceased family member. Hence, the most popular names were used by a majority of the population. English names found relevance in Denmark only in the beginning of the 20th century. Danish names are gaining popularity all over the world because of their unique spellings and deep meanings. These names include both traditional and modern. Names like Erik and Sven are rooted in Danish history. Modern names like Albert and Oliver are influenced by English trends and symbolize the forward movement of the country. Moreover, popular culture has contributed largely to Danish baby boy names worldwide. Names like Viggo (from Viggo Mortensen), Mads (from Mads Mikkelsen), and Nikolaj (from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) have made a mark in several English-speaking countries. It is no surprise that parents from different countries and backgrounds are drawn to these names as they have a unique charm and beautiful meanings to match your little one’s personality. Here we have compiled a list of popular Danish baby boy names for your little one. Look at these names and decide which name will suit the new arrival the most.

heart image Alfred Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf counsel
heart image Alma Baby Boy Sign Boy Nourishing; Fostering; Kind
heart image Carl Baby Boy Sign Boy Free man
heart image Emil Baby Boy Sign Boy Rival
heart image Lucas Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Malthe Baby Boy Sign Boy Power
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Oliver Baby Boy Sign Boy Olive tree planter
heart image Oscar Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer loving one; Friend of deer
heart image William Baby Boy Sign Boy Will; Protector
heart image Alberte Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble and intelligent being
heart image Amberson Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Emerson; Brave and vigorous
heart image Andersen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Andrew
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Arne Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful ruler; Like an eagle; Stable person
heart image Axel Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of peace
heart image Balduin Baby Boy Sign Boy A bold friend
heart image Beorhtel Baby Boy Sign Boy He who shines with a bright light
heart image Bjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Brede Baby Boy Sign Boy Glaciers
heart image Bugga Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of power
heart image Bugge Baby Boy Sign Boy A powerful man
heart image Christensen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Derived from the son of Christian
heart image Christoffer Baby Boy Sign Boy He who holds the son of God, Christ, in his heart
heart image Dedric Baby Boy Sign Boy One who rules people and a great leader
heart image Dierk Baby Boy Sign Boy A ruler of the people
heart image Dierks Baby Boy Sign Boy A born ruler; powerful and confident
heart image Fyn Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light-skinned; Fair
heart image Gamel Baby Boy Sign Boy An old person
heart image Gyrth Baby Boy Sign Boy To gird with a sword
heart image Haki Baby Boy Sign Boy Justice; Claim; Right; Privilege; Name of a Slave
heart image Haralds Baby Boy Sign Boy The war commander's son
heart image Harthacnut Baby Boy Sign Boy A legendary king; A King of Denmark
heart image Heimericus Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a part of the tribe
heart image Heimo Baby Boy Sign Boy Tribe
heart image Heremod Baby Boy Sign Boy A legendary King of Denmark
heart image Jokum Baby Boy Sign Boy God is merciful; Variant of Joachim
heart image Jony Baby Boy Sign Boy Quick-deciding, best friends
heart image Jozef Baby Boy Sign Boy Jehovah will increase
heart image Juel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Precious gem; Jewel
heart image Juul Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Youthful; Downy
heart image Knud Baby Boy Sign Boy Knot
heart image Lauritz Baby Boy Sign Boy Laurel tree; Symbols of honor and fame
heart image Lego Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Play well
heart image Lorens Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Laurentum; Ancient Italian city
heart image Merethe Baby Boy Sign Boy Danish form of Margaret, meaning pearls or the cluster of blossoms
heart image Nielsen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Neil; Champion
heart image Ole Baby Boy Sign Boy Framework that supports climbing plants
heart image Orn Baby Boy Sign Boy Noorudeen radiance of trust, a glimmer of confidence
heart image Osegod Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble landowner
heart image Paulsen Baby Boy Sign Boy The son of Paul; small one
heart image Poul Baby Boy Sign Boy A small, little person
heart image Regitze Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and distinguished person
heart image Reno Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who was reborn
heart image Ricko Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and distinguished man
heart image Rikke Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and rich ruler
heart image Rikki Baby Boy Sign Boy One who rules with a firm hand
heart image Sibbi Baby Boy Sign Boy A victorious hero; A warrior who won
heart image Soren Baby Boy Sign Boy Stern; Severe
heart image Steen Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is made of stone
heart image Svend Baby Boy Sign Boy A young man; A lad
heart image Swen Baby Boy Sign Boy A young man; Lad
heart image Tage Baby Boy Sign Boy One who gives things
heart image Tem Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous man
heart image Torben Baby Boy Sign Boy The bear of the thunder god
heart image Tordis Baby Boy Sign Boy The god who controls the thunder
heart image Tue Baby Boy Sign Boy A successful person with strong personality
Danish baby boy names have profound meanings and histories attached to them. They include traditional and classic names to modern twists from other cultures. These names are rooted in tradition and the future. They are popular the world over because of the exposure brought about by some popular Hollywood stars. Danish baby boy names are making their way into the hearts and homes of English-speaking parents due to their timeless allure. So browse through the list and choose a name that resonates with you.

Infographic: Delightful Danish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Danish baby boy names have a unique charm, incorporating the traditional with the modern. You can see the best of both worlds in these names. They have now made their place all over the world. If you want to bless your dearest son with a Danish name, the intriguing infographic below has the best ones with their meanings. Read on!

Dashing Danish Names For Your Son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Danish baby boy names that are easy to pronounce and spell for non-Danish speakers?

Lars, Henrik, Anders, and Erik are a few names with straightforward pronunciation, making them accessible for individuals unfamiliar with the Danish language. Additionally, their spellings are relatively intuitive, making them easier to remember and use in various contexts.

2. How do Danish baby boy names reflect the country's history and culture?

Thor, derived from the Old Norse Þórr, meaning 'thunder,' is a classic Danish name with ancient origins. In Norse mythology, Thor is a god of thunder, storm, strength, and war. Erik is another common Danish name that was borne by several legendary Viking figures. The name is a Scandinavian form of Eric, which means 'ruler' or 'king.' Some other titles that reflect Danish culture and history are Harald, Ragnar, Rune, and Valdemar.

3. What are some famous or notable Danish men whose names are commonly used for baby boys?

Hans is the German short form of Johannes and means 'God has been gracious.' Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author who is remembered for fairy tales. Niels is the Danish form of Nicholas which means 'victory of people.' Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who received the Nobel Prize in 1922. Carl, the German and Scandinavian variant of Karl, translates to 'free man.' Carl Anderson was an American singer and actor best known for his role in the Broadway theatrical performance.


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