65 Danish Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Danish baby girl names are a beautiful combination of Denmark’s rich history, Scandinavian roots, and modern traditions, making these names versatile and attracting parents worldwide. Denmark is a stunning country surrounded by islands, historic architecture, and lovely villages, with Danish as its official language. The Danish baby names are typically inspired by the country’s nature, people, language, traditions, and customs. These names often reflect the country’s linguistic heritage and pay homage to its cultural legacy. The naming practices of Denmark are visibly different from other countries. In Denmark, a person usually has only one long given name, which may consist of many names. For someone unaware of Danish naming traditions, it may look like two or three given names, but in Denmark, it is viewed as a single first name. Historically, a certain naming system was followed in Denmark where the first male child was named after his father’s father, and the second male child was named after the mother’s father. The first female child was named after the mother’s mother, and the second after the father’s mother. However, the practice may have faded over time. Danish baby names carry a specific charm and elegance, representing the country in many ways. For example, the name Sofia, which stands for ‘wisdom,’ is popularly associated with a mythical saint. Here the name mirrors virtues like knowledge and divine strength. The name Embla, stemming from Norse mythology, is regarded as the name given to the first woman on Earth. Such names beautifully link modern names with ancient Danish culture. Another example is the nature-inspired name Laura, which signifies the celebration of victory. This Danish name was among the top 500 popular girl names in the United States from 1900 to 2022 (1). Below we have compiled a list of all the captivating Danish baby girl names that will fascinate you and spoil you for choices. Have a look.

heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Clara Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Clear
heart image Ella Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful light; Goddess
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Ida Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking; Industrious person
heart image Isabelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Devoted to God
heart image Laura Baby Girl Sign Girl Laurel; Victory
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Sofia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Learned
heart image Andersen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Andrew
heart image Andriette Baby Girl Sign Girl Male
heart image Annaline Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful; Beautiful
heart image Anniken Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Betina Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is an oath
heart image Caja Baby Girl Sign Girl Full of joy
heart image Carryn Baby Girl Sign Girl An unsillied and pure free woman
heart image Caryne Baby Girl Sign Girl An unsullied, pure woman
heart image Carynn Baby Girl Sign Girl Of pure nature
heart image Cesilie Baby Girl Sign Girl Blind; Talented musician
heart image Christensen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Derived from the son of Christian
heart image Dorete Baby Girl Sign Girl A gift sent by God; Trustworthy
heart image Embla Baby Girl Sign Girl First woman on Earth
heart image Fyn Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light-skinned; Fair
heart image Gro Baby Girl Sign Girl To grow; To heal
heart image GUrdun Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a strong mind
heart image Jorality Baby Girl Sign Girl God's precious gift; Unifying, joyful
heart image Juanita Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious; Yahweh is gracious; Gift from God
heart image Juel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Precious gem; Jewel
heart image Juliane Baby Girl Sign Girl Downy grace; Dedicated to Jupiter; Devoted to Jove; Youthful; Jove's child
heart image Juul Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Youthful; Downy
heart image Keersten Baby Girl Sign Girl The christian
heart image Kerith Baby Girl Sign Girl A Christian
heart image Kirsten Baby Girl Sign Girl A christian
heart image Lego Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Play well
heart image Lieselotte Baby Girl Sign Girl Contraction of Lise- My God is my Oath; Charlotte - A warrior
heart image Lillemor Baby Girl Sign Girl Little mother; Danish name
heart image Line Baby Girl Sign Girl A brave woman warrior
heart image Lone Baby Girl Sign Girl Strenght; Tower
heart image Lulla Baby Girl Sign Girl A legendary female warrior
heart image Lykke Baby Girl Sign Girl Of good fortune; Happy one
heart image Madsen Baby Girl Sign Girl Variation of the name Matthew; Gift of God
heart image Maiken Baby Girl Sign Girl Wished for child
heart image Majken Baby Girl Sign Girl A child that was dearly wished for
heart image Majlis Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble person who is born in May
heart image Mariela Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; Wished for child
heart image Nielsen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Neil; Champion
heart image Nilsa Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender; Titleholder; Champ; Winner
heart image Pernille Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of Peter; Stone
heart image Petrine Baby Girl Sign Girl Pedar's feminine form; They focus on the details
heart image Rebekka Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who traps and baits
heart image Rebekkah Baby Girl Sign Girl She who traps and baits people
heart image Regna Baby Girl Sign Girl To advise; To make a decision
heart image Reidun Baby Girl Sign Girl One who bestows the home
heart image Saffi Baby Girl Sign Girl A wise person
heart image Sigfrid Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful, fair victory
heart image Signe Baby Girl Sign Girl New victory
heart image Sigrunn Baby Girl Sign Girl The secret victories
heart image Sille Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is blind
heart image Sire Baby Girl Sign Girl A victorious woman
heart image Sisse Baby Girl Sign Girl She who has no sight; A blind woman
heart image Sissel Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is blind
heart image Solvej Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with the strength of the Sun
heart image Solvey Baby Girl Sign Girl She is as strong as the Sun
heart image Sorena Baby Girl Sign Girl A stern person
heart image Stine Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a Christian woman

Danish baby girl names resonate with a vintage allure and often captivate parents’ attention. These names are a perfect blend of tradition with a modern twist. Danish names are more than a combination of letters; they mirror the country’s rich history and culture. Along with a melodious rhythm, these titles also carry pronouns and significant meanings, appealing to those seeking an option that intrigues the mind. Although these names are referred to as Danish names, their usage is not restricted to people from Denmark. If you are someone who is interested in names across borders, these names may be a good fit.

Infographic: Dignified Danish Baby Girl Names

Danish baby names hold a special allure and a touch of Nordic charm. These names often represent the fascinating Danish culture, traditions, and customs. From modern names to classic Danish names, there is something for everyone. If you want to give your daughter a name deeply rooted in culture, check out this infographic for some lovely options.

delightful danish names for your daughter (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Danish baby girl names inspired by nature or the environment?

A few nature-inspired Danish baby girl names include Esther meaning ‘star,’ Gerd meaning ‘enclosure’ or ‘yard,’ Ursula meaning ‘little bear,’ Gry meaning ‘to dawn,’ Rosa meaning ‘rose,’ Iris meaning ‘rainbow,’ and Olivia meaning ‘olive.’

2. What are some popular Danish baby girl names that have Nordic origins?

The Danish girl names with Nordic origins are mostly associated with words from Old Norse. A few of these include Freja meaning ‘lady,’ Ingrid, meaning ‘Ing is beautiful,’ Signy, meaning ‘new victory,’ and Runa, meaning ‘secret lore’ or ‘rune.’

3. What are some popular Danish baby girl names that have German origins?

A few Danish baby girl names with German origins include Alice meaning ‘nobility’ from the Germanic Adalheidis; Emma, meaning ‘great’ from the Proto-Germanic Ermunaz or Irmin; Gunda meaning ‘war’ from the Proto-Germanic Gunpi, and Hildegard meaning ‘battle or enclosure’ from the Germanic elements hit and gart.

4. Do Danish baby girl names have any specific cultural or historical significance?

The names that have specific cultural and historical significance include Agnes meaning ‘chaste,’ associated with the Saint Agnes of Rome; Astrid meaning ‘god’ and ‘beloved,’ related to the Queen of the Belgians; Clara meaning ‘bright,’ associated with Saint Clare of Assisi; and Edith meaning ‘fortune’ and ‘battle,’ associated with Saint Eadgyth, the daughter of King Edgar the Peaceful.


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  1. The popularity of the name Laura.
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