117 Danish Baby Names With Meanings

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy and are thinking of giving him a Danish baby name, you have landed at the right place.

Denmark, a country that embraces rules and regulations with huge enthusiasm, is very strict about the naming rules. The first and last names for a baby are governed by law and must be approved by the Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs and Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. The laws are designed to protect children who are burdened with silly and preposterous names by their parents. So you have to choose names from the 7000 Western European and English names pre-approved by the government. But if you like a name that’s not mentioned in the list, you have to get it approved by the government by filing an application.

Danish names may keep coming in and going out of style, but one thing is certain, you can never write them off. Some of these names such as Eva, Karen, and Cristofer have been popular for generations. So from the birthplace of Little Mermaid, Danish cheese, and Norse mythology, MomJunction has got you a collection of Danish baby names with meanings. Check them out below.

SilleShe who is blindGirl
SireA victorious womanGirl
SisseShe who has no sight, a blind womanGirl
SisselA girl who is blindGirl
SolvejA woman with the strenght of the SunGirl
SolveyShe is as strong as the SunGirl
SorenaA sternpersonGirl
SteenHe who is made of stoneBoy
StineShe is a Christianity womanGirl
SvendA young man, a ladBoy
SwenA young man, ladBoy
TageOne who gives thingsBoy
TemA famous manBoy
TorbenThe bear of the thunder GodBoy
TordisThe God who controls the thunderBoy
TueA successful person with strong personalityBoy
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