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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Diego

Diego is a famous Spanish short form of Santiago, meaning substitute or supplanter. The name has various suggested origins. Some believe that the name is associated with the Latinized word Didacus derived from the Greek word ‘Didache,’ which means ‘teaching.’ However, others believe that it is a variation of the name Tiago, arguably the shortened form of the apostle Saint Jacob, more commonly known as Saint James, the patron saint of Spain.

The name is also referred to as Diogo in Portuguese, a common surname in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries worldwide. The name “Dago” or “Dego” became a racial epithet that included Italian Americans and anyone of Spanish or Portuguese ancestry.

Diego is also a variation of Santi. It is known as Thiago in Brazilian Portuguese; Tiago, Santiago, and Diogo in Portuguese; Xanti in Basque; and Didacus in medieval Spanish. Díez, Diego, and Díaz are its three common surname descendants in Spanish. The pronunciation of the title is DYEH-gho in Spanish.

The name Diego first appeared in the records during the late 11th century and became a common household name during the 14th century. San Diego was given its name after Sebastián Vizcano’s flagship. Saint Didacus, or Diego de San Nicolás, was one of the earliest prominent personalities that bore the name.

In fiction, Diego Hargreeves is the main protagonist in the comic book/Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Diego Torres is one of the characters in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Diego Brando is another famous character in the Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Don Diego de la Vega is the real identity of the fictional vigilante Zorro. Moreover, Diego is the name of the saber-tooth tiger in the massively popular animated film, Ice Age, voiced by the American actor David Leary.


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Mexian version of name James;passionate
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How To Pronounce Diego?


Famous People With The Name Diego

  • Diego MaradonaArgentine soccer player, won FIFA player of the 20th century award
  • Diego CorralesAmerican professional boxer and world champion in two weight division
  • Diego Sanchez RodrigoAmerican mixed-martial artist known for his stint in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  • Diego BonetaMexican actor, singer, and producer
  • Diego LunaMexican actor, producer, and director known for the Star Wars franchise

Diego On The Popularity Chart

Diego is a classic name among the Spanish and Latinos. It is a fashionable masculine name preferred by many parents. Let us look at the growth of its popularity over the years in this chart.

Popularity Over Time

The name Diego saw its highest popularity in 2006 when 8402 babies per million were registered under this name. Read further to check its popularity and relevance over time from this graph.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Diego saw some of its highest rankings during the 1980s. However, after its gradual decline in popularity, the name has seen a revival since 2007. Currently, sitting on the 17,670th rank as of 2021

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Diego

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