107 Dominican Republic Baby Names With Meanings


Dominican Republic baby names show strong Spanish colonial influence because the country was a Spanish colony from 1861 to 1865 (1). The naming customs of the Dominican Republic, a Spanish-speaking sovereign state in the Caribbean, are similar to those practiced in Spain. Not just the traditions, even the first names are primarily Spanish. In the Dominican Republic, both men and women carry two family names. The first is the father’s family name, and the second is the mother’s family name, which may be joined by y or e. Both family names are equally important and are compulsory for all official documents. Married women are not required to change their family’s name to their husband’s surname. Even when married women shift countries, they can keep their maiden name. However, they may choose to switch out their maternal family name for their husband’s paternal family name (2). In the colonial period, Hispanics worldwide, including those in the Dominican Republic, had a second name. They also used the word de between their first and third names. For instance, Juan Luis de Romero Conde. While this custom has faded significantly in other Hispanic countries, people of the Dominican Republic still follow it. However, this second given name is only used on formal occasions or is registered only on birth, marriage, and death certificates. Family plays a significant role in selecting the first name for a child. Parents often choose a first name that honors grandparents or other relatives. Parents may even select names reflecting their religious beliefs. Since a majority of the population in the Dominican Republic are Catholics, it is common for a child to have a biblical name or a name paying homage to saints and religious figures. Below is a list of some of the best Dominican Republic baby names we compiled. We are sure you will find something worthy of being carried by your child. Have a look.

heart image Aaron Baby Boy Sign Boy Enlightened; High mountain
heart image Abiezer Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of help
heart image Abnar Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of light
heart image Alonso Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready for battle; Noble
heart image Amayah Baby Girl Sign Girl Close to God
heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Ashley Baby Boy Sign Boy Ash tree meadow
heart image Aury Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold
heart image Camila Baby Girl Sign Girl Religious attendant; Priest's helper
heart image Cendy Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon; As beautiful as Moon.
heart image Charina Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and macho man
heart image Criselda Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Chriselda; Bearing Christ
heart image Dahiana Baby Girl Sign Girl Valley
heart image Dalvin Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud friend; Elf friend
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Dannel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Darianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Preserver
heart image Darianne Baby Girl Sign Girl Preserver
heart image Dex Baby Boy Sign Boy A right handed man
heart image Deylin Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers; Angel from god
heart image Dianelys Baby Girl Sign Girl Dominic Republic version of Diana; Luminous; Perfect
heart image Dielis Baby Boy Sign Boy Kid
heart image Doralis Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift
heart image Dylan Baby Boy Sign Boy One born near the sea; Son of the sea
heart image Eimy Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is an eternal ruler
heart image Elaisa Baby Boy Sign Boy God has sworn
heart image Elianny Baby Girl Sign Girl My God has answered.
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Franchesca Baby Girl Sign Girl Free
heart image Grissel Baby Girl Sign Girl Dark battle; Gray-haired
heart image Hanameel Baby Girl Sign Girl The innate grace in a woman; The gift of grace from God
heart image Hasiel Baby Boy Sign Boy God's refuge
heart image Haziel Baby Boy Sign Boy God sees
heart image Hermas Baby Boy Sign Boy A Biblical name, meaning mercury, gain or refuge.
heart image Higuel Baby Boy Sign Boy One who comes from the city of Higuey
heart image Ilaria Baby Girl Sign Girl Cheerful
heart image Ilonka Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch
heart image Iolany Baby Girl Sign Girl An exalted hawk
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Isai Baby Boy Sign Boy Masculinity
heart image Isamar Baby Boy Sign Boy An elision of Isabel del Mar
heart image Jahaziel Baby Girl Sign Girl Seeing God
heart image Jasiel Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength of God
heart image Jayden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God will judge
heart image Jeshurun Baby Boy Sign Boy English version of Yeshurun; Straight, just, upright
heart image Joanka Baby Girl Sign Girl God is with us
heart image Johanny Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Johansen Baby Boy Sign Boy Scandinavian version of Johanson; Son of Johan
heart image Jovanka Baby Girl Sign Girl God is reconciling
heart image Karelyn Baby Girl Sign Girl A Dominic Republic variation of Caroline; Free man
heart image Karolay Baby Girl Sign Girl Possibly; A variation of Caroline
heart image Kaurys Baby Girl Sign Girl An alternate spelling for Karys meaning from Caru
heart image Kerlin Baby Boy Sign Boy Wool comb
heart image Liam Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong-willed warrior
heart image Liosha Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Aliosha; Defender of mankind
heart image Lucas Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Lucely Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Lucia; Meaning light
heart image Maidali Baby Girl Sign Girl Brightness
heart image Maikel Baby Boy Sign Boy A spelling for Michael; Who is like God
heart image Maoli Baby Girl Sign Girl Handmaiden
heart image Mayerlin Baby Girl Sign Girl Little falcon; A Dominican Republic variant of Marlin
heart image Medelin Baby Girl Sign Girl A place name
heart image Merari Baby Boy Sign Boy Bitter; To provoke
heart image Nachelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Powerful woman
heart image Naidelyn Baby Girl Sign Girl A modern English name
heart image Nashaly Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman born during the rainy season
heart image Nicolet Baby Girl Sign Girl People of victory; A variation of Nicole
heart image Nicoll Baby Girl Sign Girl A Dominican Republic spelling for Nicole; Victorious people
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Ostin Baby Boy Sign Boy Great; Magnificent
heart image Raiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Rayneli Baby Girl Sign Girl The female version of Raynell, meaning counselor
heart image Reinildis Baby Girl Sign Girl A strong fighter
heart image Saidy Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Saimi Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Saima; Fasting woman
heart image Samantha Baby Girl Sign Girl God has heard; Name of God
heart image Sardis Baby Boy Sign Boy A Biblical name; Joy
heart image Sebastian Baby Boy Sign Boy From Sebaste; Venerable
heart image Shaderr Baby Boy Sign Boy Tailor
heart image Sharina Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Sindy Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman belonging to the Mount Kynthos; From Mount Kynthos
heart image Sofia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Learned
heart image Sophia Baby Girl Sign Girl She who possesses great knowledge and wisdom
heart image Thiago Baby Boy Sign Boy Supplanter
heart image Valentina Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong; Vigourous; Healthy
heart image Valerie Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is brave and strong
heart image Vilmaris Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian of the sea
heart image Vin Baby Boy Sign Boy Conquering; The one with conquering abilities
heart image Wanda Baby Girl Sign Girl Slender; Young tree
heart image Wilmarie Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination of Willa and Marie
heart image Windel Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend
heart image Xocoyotl Baby Girl Sign Girl Youngest child
heart image Yamaris Baby Girl Sign Girl Wished for a child; Star of the sea
heart image Yanira Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift from God
heart image Yanna Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Yared Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Jared; Rose
heart image Yari Baby Girl Sign Girl Water lady
heart image Yaris Baby Girl Sign Girl Love; Beautiful; Spring
heart image Yaritza Baby Girl Sign Girl Water lady
heart image Yera Baby Girl Sign Girl Virgin Mary
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Naming a baby is a cherished tradition of immense significance in every culture.
Dominican Republic baby names symbolize the country’s history and diverse heritage. These names represent ancestral connections and religious faith. Dominican Republic names have also undergone changes with evolving times as they now reflect a touch of modern creativity. They carry stories of the country’s struggle and triumph and also remind the name bearer of their roots and culture.

Infographic: Dashing Dominican Republic Baby Names With Meanings

Parents often look for baby names that can depict their native roots. Dominican Republican baby names represent the country's diverse culture and heritage. Even their traditional names exhibit a foreign influence, a part of the Dominican Republic’s history. The infographic below can give you an idea of the kind of names popular in this region.

delightful dominican republic names for your newborn (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any particular naming customs or rules for naming babies in the Dominican Republic?

The names in the Dominican Republic are usually derived either from the names present in the Bible or from the names of noted saints. After the child’s baptism, they are usually given more than one name, one of which is the name of the Saint Day related to the day of the baptism. However, this name is not commonly used throughout the child’s life.

2. What are some Dominican Republic baby names that are inspired by nature or geography?

Some examples of nature-inspired Dominican Republic baby names include Ackerley (one who dwells at the acre meadows), Adolfina (noble wolf), Alaina (rock), Anel (God of wind), and Brayden (broad hillside). These names have an old-world charm, and so are commonly chosen by parents.


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