42 Dominican Republic Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Dominican Republic baby boy names are full of fun and life, just like their vibrant and energetic culture. The Dominican Republic is a nation situated in the Caribbean region. This nation is best known for its golden sand, crystal clear blue waters, and pristine resorts.
The islands of the Dominican Republic possess a rich history and culture. It also possesses an amalgamation of cultures that first occurred with European explorers' colonization of this nation. The indigenous people of these lands were referred to as the Taíno people. The Dominican Republic later became the first permanent European colony to be established in the Western Hemisphere, and all of this was set into motion by the arrival of the European navigator and explorer Christopher Colombus (1). This inevitably led to various cultures, traditions, dialects, and naming practices.
Due to the very strong European influence in the islands, the naming system was drastically affected. The people of the Dominican Republic began following the Spanish system of naming that consisted of four distinct parts, the given name, the second given name, the father’s surname, and finally, the mother’s surname. This naming method was usually reserved for legal, formal, and documentary matters. For convenience, in informal settings, only one given name and the first surname were usually used.
Dominican Republic names are phonetically pleasing and usually possess deep and profound meanings. Some interesting Dominican Republic names that you can assign to your little prince include names such as Dylan, meaning ‘One who is born near the sea and is the son of the sea,’ Hermas, a Biblical name meaning ‘mercury,’ ‘gain’ or ‘refuge’ and Lucas meaning ‘ one who gives light.’ We have compiled an extensive list of Dominican Republic names you can use for your little one. Do not forget to save a few intriguing names for future reference.

heart image Aaron Baby Boy Sign Boy Enlightened; High mountain
heart image Ashley Baby Boy Sign Boy Ash tree meadow
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Dylan Baby Boy Sign Boy One born near the sea; Son of the sea
heart image Jayden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God will judge
heart image Liam Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong-willed warrior
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Sebastian Baby Boy Sign Boy From Sebaste; Venerable
heart image Thiago Baby Boy Sign Boy Supplanter
heart image Abiezer Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of help
heart image Abnar Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of light
heart image Alonso Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready for battle; Noble
heart image Charina Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and macho man
heart image Dalvin Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud friend; Elf friend
heart image Dannel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Dex Baby Boy Sign Boy A right handed man
heart image Deylin Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers; Angel from god
heart image Dielis Baby Boy Sign Boy Kid
heart image Elaisa Baby Boy Sign Boy God has sworn
heart image Hasiel Baby Boy Sign Boy God's refuge
heart image Haziel Baby Boy Sign Boy God sees
heart image Hermas Baby Boy Sign Boy A Biblical name, meaning mercury, gain or refuge.
heart image Higuel Baby Boy Sign Boy One who comes from the city of Higuey
heart image Isai Baby Boy Sign Boy Masculinity
heart image Isamar Baby Boy Sign Boy An elision of Isabel del Mar
heart image Jasiel Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength of God
heart image Jeshurun Baby Boy Sign Boy English version of Yeshurun; Straight, just, upright
heart image Johanny Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Johansen Baby Boy Sign Boy Scandinavian version of Johanson; Son of Johan
heart image Kerlin Baby Boy Sign Boy Wool comb
heart image Lucas Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Maikel Baby Boy Sign Boy A spelling for Michael; Who is like God
heart image Merari Baby Boy Sign Boy Bitter; To provoke
heart image Ostin Baby Boy Sign Boy Great; Magnificent
heart image Sardis Baby Boy Sign Boy A Biblical name; Joy
heart image Shaderr Baby Boy Sign Boy Tailor
heart image Vin Baby Boy Sign Boy Conquering; The one with conquering abilities
heart image Windel Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend
heart image Yared Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Jared; Rose
heart image Yeriel Baby Boy Sign Boy Founded by God
heart image Yevgeny Baby Boy Sign Boy Aristocrat
heart image Zahi Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful and brilliant

Most of the names adopted in the country are closely associated with the Roman Catholic Christian faith brought to the nation by the colonizers. This unique blend of traditions and mesmerizing history has led to an elaborate collection of evergreen names. We hope you can find the one ideal, meaningful, and unique name for your little one from this handpicked list of names curated by MomJunction.

Infographic: Trendy Baby Boy Names From The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean Nation best known for its golden sand and crystal-clear beaches. The Spanish colonization has greatly influenced the local inhabitants of this Caribbean Nation, and the same can be said of naming systems. Read on to learn more about the potential Dominican Republic names you can assign to your little gentleman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular Dominican surname?

Rodriguez, García, and Fernándezis are some of the most popular surnames in the Dominican Republic.

2. How do Dominican names work?

The Dominican Republic citizens use their two family names, first their father's and then their mother's. Both are necessary for any formal document and are equally vital. Married women never adopt their husband's family name instead of their own. Many people prefer to stay true to their roots and maintain their maiden names, even when they immigrate to other nations where this is normal.

3.Are there any baby boy names in the Dominican Republic that are influenced by other cultures or languages?

The culture of the Dominican Republic is a diverse mixture of different influences from around the world. Spanish is the country's official language, and most baby names like Martinez, Garcia, Reyes, Rosario, etc, are influenced by Spanish traditions and cultures.


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