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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Dorian

Dorian, a beautiful unisex name, is of Greek origin, derived from the word Doron meaning “gift.” Dorian is also usually a surname of the Irish, derived from the Old Gaelic O’Deoradhain, with O’ signifying “grandson or male descendant of,” and the personal byname Deorain, which means ‘an exile, wanderer or possibly stranger.’

The name Dorian is believed to have been derived from Doris in Greek mythology, connected with two words- Doron meaning “gift” and Zoros meaning “pure.” Dorian literally means “of Doris” referring to the son of Helen of Sparta. He was one of the heroes of Greek mythology and the founder of the Dorian race.

Dorian can also be a literal translation of Doris, a small district in Central Greece that was believed to be the mother country of the Dorian conquerors. The Dorians were one of the four major ethnic groups of ancient Greece who got their name from Doris, the small district. Doris was also the name of a Sea Goddess, who was one of the 3000 Oceanids and the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.

With a formal and classic sound, Dorian bears a wide range of alternate spellings of Doriane Doarian Doariann Doriann Doaryan Doryan, and Doryann with nicknames like Dor, Dori, Dory, Rian, and Dorri.

Mainly popular in the mid-20th century, Dorian can be found in notable works of fiction. The name got traction with the popular novel “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde. Dorian Grey is the main protagonist of this 1890 novel, who is a handsome and aristocratic Victorian man who becomes possessive of his own beauty. Dorian Havilliard is another important fictional character appearing in the American fantasy novel series “Throne of Glass.” He is the crown prince of the kingdom of Adarlan and the eldest son of the King of Adarlan and Queen Georgina.


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Came from the district of Greece; a war hero
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How To Pronounce Dorian?


Famous People With The Name Dorian

  • Dorian KingiAmerican actor and director, known for his role in “The Book of Boba Fett”
  • Dorian Crossmond MissickAmerican actor, famously known for his role as Damian in “Six Degrees”
  • Dorian Elizabeth Leigh ParkerAmerican model and one of the earliest modeling icons of the fashion industry
  • Dorian Edward WestEnglish international rugby player, nicknamed “Nobby”
  • Dorian Alan PeñaAmerican basketball player, nicknamed “Junkyard Dawg” for his consistent putbacks

Dorian On The Popularity Chart

Dorian became a popular name in the US in the mid-20th century and has remained solidly in the middle of the graph in terms of popularity.

Popularity Over Time

Dorian has seen a steady rise in popularity after 1986 with a sharp rise in 2000. It continued to play fairly well over the next two decades with 494 babies per million being given with the name in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Dorian maintained its ranking in the 1980s and the early 1990s. Dorian has seen its lowest rank in 2007, however it has seen a slight improvement in ranking over the next 15 years.

Source: Social Security Administration

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