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Origin, Meaning, And History of Edward

Edward is a masculine and regal name of Old English origin. It derives from the Old English word Ēadward, which comprises two elements: Ēad, meaning ‘fortune’ and ‘prosperity,’ and weard, meaning ‘guard.’ Therefore, the name Edward has a comprehensive meaning of ‘One who is a rich guard.’

Several Anglo-Saxon kings were named Edward in the 11th Century in England before the Norman conquest. King Edward, The Martyr, is speculated to be the first to bear this name. However, he was slain by his men and is today known as a saint. The last known king before the invasion was Saint Edward The Confessor, who ruled fairly and was popular among his people. To pay homage and keep his name alive in the hearts of the people, even after the invasion, several kings were named Edward, including Edward I, the son of Henry III.

Later, in the 15th Century, the name was adopted in the Iberian peninsula due to Edward, King of Portugal, who was born to an English mother. The name has been popular there ever since.

As the name traveled across the European continent, Spanish and Portuguese forms of the name sprouted, such as Duarte and Eduardo. Similarly, Édouard (French), Eduard (Czech, Dutch, German, and Romanian), and Edvard (Scandinavian) are some of the variations in different cultures. Interestingly, Italians have two versions, Odoardo and Edoardo.

If you want to call your little prince by a cute nickname, then Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted, and Teddy are among good choices.

Edward is also a popular name for fictional characters in movies, literature, and series. The teen favorite vampire-fantasy romance novel and American movie, The Twilight Saga, has the main character Edward Cullen. In the movie, the English actor Robert Pattinson played the character. The novel Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, has a love interest of Jane named Edward Fairfax Rochester. The children’s favorite cartoon series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends has a blue engine named Edward.


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One who is like a rich guard
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How To Pronounce Edward?


Famous People With The Name Edward

  • Edward Higgins White IIAmerican astronaut who was a crew member of Apollo 1 and Gemini 4
  • Edward F. FritschAmerican scientist who led the development of NeoVax, a cancer vaccine
  • Edward MosbergPolish-American Holocaust survivor who was was awarded Poland’s highest civilian honor
  • Edward Scott BozekAmerican épée fencer who was US Champion in épée in 1973 and 1975
  • Edward W. HardyAmerican musician who composed the soundtrack for the Off-Broadway show The Woodsman
  • Edward Harrison NortonAmerican actor who won Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for Primal Fear (1996)
  • Edward Arthur KillyAmerican director who was nominated for the short-lived Academy Award for Best Assistant Director

Edward On The Popularity Chart

Let us take a look at the graphs by the Social Security Administration to better understand the popularity associated with Edward.

Popularity Over Time

Initially, there was an uproar among parents to name their children Edward. However, as decades passed, the interest in the name reduced to only 1739 babies per million in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

During the 1980s, its rank was marginally higher than it is today. For example, in 1983, it ranked at 12,125th, whereas in 2021, it ranked at 17,761st.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Edward

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