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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Eliana

The name Eliana has its roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. It is an amalgamation of two Hebrew words, ‘el’ referring to ‘God’ and ‘ana’ meaning ‘answered.’ The name thus means ‘God has answered.’ Alternatively, the name also takes inspiration from its male counterpart, ‘Eliyahu,’ which means ‘my God is Jehovah.’

In Greek, Eliana finds a connection with the Sun God Helios, whose Latinised name is Helius. Eliana also means ‘mercy’ in Greek.

In Late Latin, the name could be a variant of the name Aeliana, which is the feminine version of the masculine name, Aelianus. Aelianus means the sun. It is a derivative of the Roman family name Aelius. Aelius is connected to the Greek name, Helios, which means the Sun. This link to the Sun God gives the name another meaning: ‘ daughter of the sun.’

Eliana could also be a derivative of the French name, Alienor, which is likely to be connected with the Greek name Helen or Selene, that means ‘moon.’ The French variant of Eliana is Eliane. Eliana is found in Arabic, too, where it means a ‘bright star.’

In the US, Eliana made an appearance in the popularity charts for the first time in the 1990s. Since then, the name has been steadily climbing up the charts. According to the Social Security Administration data, the name Eliana ranked 48 in 2021, up from 53 registered in 2020 (1). In contrast, its variant Elianna stood at rank 360 in 2021, also higher than the rank 391 registered in the previous year.

Eliana has always been a popular name, but American actor Christian Slater could be credited for adding to its popularity after he named his daughter Eliana Sophia Slater.

Its famous name bearers include actress Eliana Alexander, who has featured in TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Editor-in-Chief of Washington Free Beacon, Eliana Yael Johnson.


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God has given the answer
Hebrew, Swiss
 E..  El..  Ela..  Ell..  Eal..  Eel..  Eil.. 

How To Pronounce Eliana?

Pronounced as eh-lee-aw-nuh

Famous People With The Name Eliana

  • Eliana JohnsonAmerican journalist
  • Eliana GropmanAmerican ice dancer
  • Eliana AlexanderMexican actress
  • Eliana JonesCanadian actress
  • Eliana TomkinsBritish musician
  • Eliana TranchesiBrazilian entrepreneur
  • Eliana PrintesBrazilian singer and composer

Eliana On The Popularity Chart

Since the 1990s, the name Eliana has been slowly trekking upwards on the popularity charts. Have a look at how it has been making its way higher every year.

Popularity Over Time

Eliana has always been a popular name, but its popularity has witnessed a surge over the last two decades. From 41 babies registered with the name Eliana in 1980 to 1,834 in 2010, this name saw a slow but steady rise. In 2021, the name reached an all time high of 4,425.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Eliana entered the top 100 popular baby names list in 2016 when it ranked 93. Since then, the name saw a steady rise in popularity. Five years later, in 2021, it entered the top 50 baby names standing at rank 48.

Source: Social Security Administration

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