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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Elias

Elias is the Greek derivative of the Hebrew name Elijah or Eliyahu, which means “the Lord is my God” or “Jehovah is God.” It is also the name of a prophet and messenger of God in the Bible and the Quran. God gave him the responsibility of guiding his followers to worship the Hebrew God. Elias has strong roots in Christianity and other Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Islam. While Elijah was popular as a Biblical name, Elias became famous when the Greek translation of the Bible came out.

Elias is used not only as a first name but also as a last name in certain regions. The name’s pronunciation changes according to the area as well. In Greek and Spanish, it is spelled Elías; in Catalan, Portuguese, English, and French, it is spelled Élias; in German, Dutch, and Hungarian, it is spelled Éliás; and in Czech, it is spelled Eliáš. In Islam, the name Ilyas is equivalent to Elias.

Though Elias is a boy’s name, there are female variations too. Iliana, Elaine, and Elia are some of the feminine counterparts of Elias. Along with the Biblical names Elijah and Eli, Elias has always been famous among English Puritans. Since the Middle Ages, this name has enjoyed cult status. However, the name saw immense popularity after the performance of “Elias,” a musical composition on prophet Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn in 1846.

Walt Disney’s middle name was Elias, while Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr.’s son also has Elias as a middle name. Thomas Hardy’s novel “Under the Greenwood Tree” and Anthony Trollope’s “The American Senator” have characters named Elias. One of the main characters in Sabaa Tahir’s epic fantasy novel, “An Ember in the Ashes,” is called Elias too.

Elias Acorn is a character in Sonic the Hedgehog by Archie. He is Sally Acorn’s older brother. Elias Bogan is the name of an X-Men character by Marvel comics. He has mutant superpowers such as telepathy and mental possession. Finally, Elias Vikstedt is a character in the Finnish TV series “Salatut elämät.” Nicknames such as Eli, El, Lee, and Las can go well with this classic name.


heart image
One who believes Yahweh is the Lord
Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Spanish
1 word, 5 letters, 3 vowels, 2 consonants
Short and moderately easy to pronounce

How To Pronounce Elias?

Pronounced as eh-lee-us

The way you pronounce a name can make all the difference.

Listen to the sound of the name Elias in English.

Famous People With The Name Elias

  • Elias KaneUS Senator from Illinois who was the first Secretary of State in Illinois
  • Elias M. SteinAmerican mathematician who was a renowned personality in the field of harmonic analysis
  • Elias James CoreyAmerican organic chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1990 for the development of retrosynthetic analysis
  • Elias (Jeffrey Daniel Sciullo Elias)American professional wrestler and musician who performs in WWE Raw
  • Elias TheodorouCanadian mixed martial artist who competed for the UFC in the Middleweight division

Elias On The Popularity Chart

Elias saw great popularity since the 18th century. The musical piece “Elias” played a big role in promoting this name. These graphs show how the name has fared in the last few decades.

Popularity Over Time

Elias has seen steady growth in popularity over the years. In 2021, more than 6,000 babies per million were named Elias. Check out the graph below for detailed information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The rank of the name has seen several ups and downs over the years. The name registered its best ranking of 12,482 in 1983. However, by 2007, the rank had dropped to 20,746. In 2021, Elias was ranked 17,592.

Source: Social Security Administration

Elias On MomJunction Popularity Chart

Know how popular the name Elias is among the MomJunction readers. We used a unique approach to gather relevant insights for creating this popularity chart by observing the interactions and interest around the name on our platform. See what the trend has been among our readers over these past years.

Names With Similar Sound As Elias

If you like the name Elias, here are some names that sound similar to Elias though they might have different meanings.

Popular Sibling Names For Elias

If you are looking for some matching sibling names that resonate with Elias, check our suggestions here.

Boy Sibling Names For Elias

Find matching brother names for Elias and create a wonderful team of siblings.

Elazar heart imageElazaro heart imageEleasar heart imageEleazar heart imageEliass heart imageEliaz heart imageEliazar heart imageEliazor heart imageElieser heart imageEliseu heart image

Girl Sibling Names For Elias

Looking for some suitable sister names for Elias? Check out our collection of beautiful and unique names.

Elezabeth heart imageEliisa heart imageElis heart imageElisa heart imageElisabeth heart imageElisabette heart imageElisangela heart imageElisavet heart imageElisaveta heart imageElise heart image

Other Popular Names Beginning With E

Looking for more baby names starting with the letter E to resonate with your family’s naming tradition or to rhyme with the sibling names? Find a range of alternative names starting with this letter.

Names With Similar Meaning As Elias

Elias has a strong and divine meaning. Here are some more names that have a similar meaning to Elias.

Popular Songs On The Name Elias

Acrostic Poem On Elias

Dive into the lyrical charm of the name Elias with this acrostic poem. Witness how each letter paints together a story, capturing the name’s individuality, strength, vitality, and sophistication. Inspiring, is it? Why not try a similar poem that describes what you think of your baby’s personality?


Eloquent mind blessed with the gift of gab.


Lighthearted and loyal, you sure deserve all things royal.


Illuminating ideas that will inspire the world.


Affectionate heart, you speak through loving actions.


Sharp mind that sparkles with creativity, shining brilliantly.

Elias’s Zodiac Sign And Birth Star As Per Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also called Jyotisha, provides deep insights into a person’s life based on celestial positions at birth. Rashi and nakshatra, which are an integral part of Jyotisha, are believed to influence an individual’s personality and life events. The following sections give you rashi-related information, such as the associated letters, elements, ruling body, quality, and nakshatra for the name elias. These details help analyze a person’s characteristics, personality, and behavior.

Zodiac Sign (Rashi)

As shown in the following table, each rashi is associated with specific sounds, which are often used as the starting letters of names for newborns in Hindu families. Each rashi is represented by a figure and one of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (Space). One ruling celestial body, known as its 'rashi lord' or 'ruler' is assigned to these rashis. These bodies include Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Furthermore, the rashis are assigned various qualities or gunas.

Rashi (zodiac sign)Mesha (Aries)
Starting letters for Mesha (Aries) rashiA, L, E, I, O
Ruling bodyMars
QualityMovable (chara)

Birth Star (Nakshatra)

Another important aspect of Vedic Astrology is the nakshatras, the lunar constellations or star clusters that the Moon occupies during a person's birth. There are 27 nakshatras, each with its own unique qualities, attributes, and symbolism. Each rashi contains two-and-one-fourth nakshatras in it. For example, Aries contains Ashwini, Bharani, and Krithika nakshatras.

The below table provides information on the nakshatras’ degrees on the zodiac circle, their lords and related syllables, for babies born in the Mesha (Aries) rashi. These syllables/phonetics are popularly used to choose the baby name. For precise nakshatra calculation based on your baby's birthplace and date, use our Nakshatra Calculator.

NakshatraDegrees Of The NakshatraNakshatra
Lord (Ruler)
Name Syllables
Ashwini (Awasthi, Aswini)Aries (0 to 13.20 degrees)KetuChu, Che, Cho, Choo, La, Laa
BharaniAries (13. 20 to 26.40 degrees)VenusLee, Lu, Le, Lo, Li
Krittika (Karthikai, Krithika)Aries (26.40 to 30.00 degrees)SunAa, Ae, E, Ee, Ai, A, I, Oo, U

Infographic: Know The Name Elias‘s Personality As Per Numerology


Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Elias In Different Languages

It’s exciting to see our baby’s name spelled and written in various languages. See how people spell Elias in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more! Each language has its own way of saying Elias, but it’s still the same special name. Learn how the name looks and sounds in different languages around the world!


How To Communicate The Name Elias In Sign Languages

In Nautical Flags


In Sign Language


In Braille Alphabet


In Morse Code


In Binary

01100101 01101100 01101001 01100001 01110011

Name Numerology For Elias

Numerology is an occult system that gives significance to numbers and their influence on human life and destiny. Numerologists attribute specific qualities, energies, and characteristics to a number. Parents who believe in numerology prefer to choose baby names that resonate positively with the child’s unique numerical vibrations, often derived from their date of birth. Here we give a general birth number and personality traits of the name Elias, based on the Pythagorean (Western) system. This analysis will differ from child to child based on their date of birth. You may use our numerology calculator for more personalized information.

Baby Name Lists Containing Elias

Movie Titles Inspired By The Name Elias

Discover the presence of Elias in an array of films. Know about the various movies that have this name.

Movie titleOther titlesRelease year
Elias Ehlers - Helt perfektHelt perfekt2014
The Return of Elias UrquijoEl regreso de Elías Urquijo, H Epistrofi2013
Elias and the Treasure of the SeaBoats - Elias und der Schatz des Meeres, Elias en de schat van de zee, Elias ja aarrejahti, Elias och jakten på havets guld, Elias og jakten på havets gull, Sevimli Gemi: Kayıp Hazinenin Peşinde, Элиас и морское сокровище2010
Mount St. Elias2009
Elias and the Royal YachtBoats - Elias und die königliche Yacht, Elias - Aventuras a Bordo, Elias en het Koninklijke Avontuur, Éliás és a hajókirály, Elias ja kuninkaan laiva, Elias och kungaskeppet, Elias og kongeskipet, L'incredibile avventura del piccolo Elias, Sevimli Gemi2007
Elias Petropoulos: An Underground WorldIlias Petropoulos: Enas kosmos ypogeios, Ηλίας Πετρόπουλος: Ένας κόσμος υπόγειος2005
Elias, or the Flight with the NightingalesElias, Elias of het gevecht met de nachtegalen, Elias or the Fight with the Nightingales, Elias, or The Battle with the Nightingales, Elias, or The Fight with the Nightingales, Elias, or the Flight with the Nightingales1991

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name Elias?

The name Elias means ‘the lord is my God.’

2. What is the origin of the name Elias?

Elias has a Hebrew origin.

3. How to pronounce the name Elias?

Elias is pronounced as eh-lee-us.

4. How common is the name Elias in the US?

The name Elias is fairly common in the United States. In 2022, 6,684 babies were given the name, raising it to the country’s top 50 baby boy names (1). Thus, Elias is popular among parents seeking a divine and trendy name.

5. What are some middle names that go well with Elias?

Gabriel, Nathaniel, and Solomon may be suitable options to complement Elias’ spiritual history and meaning. Elias Gabriel enriches the name of faith in God by symbolizing the archangel Gabriel while Elias Nathaniel emphasizes the notion of God’s abundant blessings. Similarly, Elias Solomon adds to the name’s Biblical heritage.

6. What is the cultural significance of the name Elias?

The Greek name derives from the Hebrew form of the biblical name Elijah who was revered as a prophet and a miracle worker during the 9th century. Thus Elias, symbolizing strength and divine protection, may hold great cultural significance among the Greek and Hebrew community.

7. Is Elias a gender-neutral name?

Elias is traditionally considered a boy’s name. It has roots in various cultures and has a long association with empowering men in history dating back to Biblical times.


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