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Origin, Meaning And History of Elise

Elise is a name of French origin and means “God is my oath.” It is a variation of the name Elizabeth derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, with the same meaning as Elise. Elizabeth was a common name among early Christians and was also the name of the mother of John the Baptist in the New Testament. In the Middle Ages, the name became popular in England and many variations of the name developed, including Elise.

In France, the name Elise became popular in the late 19th century and remained a popular name for girls in the 20th century. The name spread to other countries and became popular in various forms, such as Alissa, Eliza, and Elsie, Elisa, Ilyse, Ellise.

While the name Elise is primarily of French origin, it has been adopted and used in many countries around the world, and its popularity has spread beyond its original cultural and linguistic origins. It means “God is my satisfaction” in Norwegian and Dutch culture.

The popularity of the name may have been influenced by various factors, including its timeless and elegant sound and its association with the name Elizabeth, which was already well-established and popular in many cultures. Also, fictional characters such as Elise Starseeker from the “Hearthstone” video game, Elise Micheals from the book series “Chronicles of Nick,” and Elise Rainier from the movie “Insidious: Chapter 3” have also contributed to the name’s popularity.

The name is also borne by several famous musicians, actors, and political figures. The spread of the name to other countries and cultures also contributed to its popularity, as it was introduced to new communities through immigration, travel, and cultural exchange. Today, Elise is a popular name in many countries and is often chosen by many religious parents.


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They take God as their oath
 E..  El..  Ela..  Ele..  Elg..  Eli..  Eal..  Eel..  Eil.. 

How To Pronounce Elise?


Famous people with the name Elise

  • Elise NealAmerican actress known for her role in the movie “Scream 2”
  • Elise TrouwAmerican singer-songwriter famous for her album Unraveling
  • Elise StefanikRepresentative for New York’s 21st congressional district since 2015
  • Elise LoehnenAmerican writer and editor and the host of the podcast “Pulling the Thread”
  • Elise MertensBelgian tennis player, three-time Grand Slam champion in doubles

Elise On The Popularity Chart

Elise has remained a popular choice for parents through generations. Check out the name’s popularity and rank over time right here.

Popularity Over Time

The name Elise has been a popular choice for girls in the US since the late 20th century. It reached peak popularity in 2012, with more than 2000 babies per million being named Elise. Since then, the popularity of the name has declined somewhat, but it remains a relevant name even today.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Elise’s ranking was not great on the popularity chart for the better part of the 20th century. It started rising in rank in the 1980s, and since then, it has consistently managed to be in the top 1000 names for baby girls in the US.

Source: Social Security Administration

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