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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Elle

Elle is a French name that is a variation of the name Ellen. It derives from the Old French name “Elaine,” which comes from the Greek name “Helenē,” which means “sun ray” or “light.”

Although the name Elle is mostly French in origin, it also has roots in other languages and cultures. In English, for example, Elle is frequently used as a shortened version of names such as Eleanor, Ellen, or Elizabeth. Elle, in German, means “she” or “her.” It is occasionally used as a diminutive of names like Eleonore or Elisabeth.

Elle is a diminutive of Eleanor, derived from the Old French name Aliénor. It translates as “the other Aenor,” Aenor being a Germanic name that means “merciful.” Eleanor was a common name in medieval age, and it has been given to various renowned women throughout history, including several queens.

The phonetic spelling of the elegant name Elle is Eh-l. However, the one-syllable name Elle has many variations across different cultures and languages. These include Eleonara in Bulgarian, German, and Dutch, and Élodie in French. The other variants include Jelena in Serbian, Croatian, and Estonian,  Elisa in Italian, Spanish, and Finish, Helena in Ancient Greek, and Elna in Norwegian and Swedish.

Elle is a common name for fictional characters in literature. Some of these characters are Elle Woods, the protagonist of Amanda Brown’s 2001 novel “Legally Blonde,” and Elle Bishop, a character from the online comic book series “Heroes.”

Aside from literary examples, there are several fictitious characters with the name Elle in popular culture. Elle Greenaway is a famous character from the CBS crime drama “Criminal Minds.” Elle Evans, played by Joe King, is the protagonist in the teen romantic-comedy film series “The Kissing Booth,” and Elle Argent, portrayed by Yasmin Finney, is a character in the Netflix TV series “Heartstopper.”

Generally, the name Elle is identified with characteristics such as elegance, simplicity, and femininity.


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One who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairy
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How To Pronounce Elle?


Famous People With The Name Elle

  • Elle FanningAmerican actress recognized for her roles in films such as “Maleficent,” “The Neon Demon,” and “Super 8”
  • Elle McLemoreAmerican actress and singer who has appeared in a number of musical productions
  • Elle KingAmerican singer-songwriter best known for her single “Ex’s & Oh’s”
  • Elle VarnerAmerican singer-songwriter noted for her soulful R&B style
  • Elle WinterAmerican actress and singer-songwriter from America. Her first EP, “Yeah, No” was released in March 2020
  • Elle MulvaneyAn English actress well-known for her role as Amy Barlow in the ITV soap opera “Coronation Street”

Elle On The Popularity Chart

The data from the Social Security Administration can help us understand the performance of the name Elle.

Popularity Over Time

The name Elle’s popularity has continuously grown since the early 2000s and peaked in 2019 with 890 babies per million being given the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Elle entered the top 500 names in 2006 and was ranked 357 in 2021. Check out the graph below for further details.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Elle

Do you like the soothing sound of Elle and want to explore similar names? Here is the list for you.

Names With Similar Meaning As Elle

These names have meanings similar to Elle’s meaning of “she” or “her.” They could be an excellent alternative for parents looking for a name with similar meaning.

Name Numerology For Elle

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