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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Eloise

Boasting Proto-German and French roots, Eloise is a classic baby girl name. It comes from the French Éloïse or Héloïse. Some consider it to have roots in the Germanic term ‘Helewidis.’ The French meaning of the name is ‘healthy’ or ‘wide,’ while the German translation is ‘famous warrior.’ It also implies ‘warrior maiden.’ The name also has links with the Greek term Helios, meaning sun.

Many others are of the belief that Eloise is a feminine form of Louis. It, in turn, comes from the Old High German ‘Hluodowig,’ which means ‘famous in war.’ Hluodowig is a compound name consisting of hluod, meaning ‘famous,’ and wīga, meaning ‘war.’ As a feminine name, it suggests a strong woman known for her courageousness.

The history of this name goes back to medieval France. In the 12th century, it was a name for women. Since then, the name has become popular among French and English-speaking people. Additionally, Eloise occurs as the name of a young woman named Heloise in medieval France. She was a French nun, writer, and scholar. Héloïse was a well-known woman of letters and philosopher of love and friendship. Eventually, she became a high-ranking abbess in the Catholic Church.

A medieval English variant of this name that declined after the 13th century was Helewis. But the 19th century saw its resurgence among the English-speaking world as Eloise.

This name has several variations cutting across cultures. Elouise in German, Éloïse in French, Eloisa in Spanish, and Luisa in Italian are some prominent ones.

In contemporary times, the name’s usage increased with it occurring at several places in popular culture. Eloise is a series of children’s books that Kay Thompson wrote and illustrated in the 1950s. Eloise Drew is a character in the Nancy Drew book series. You will readily recognize Eloise Hawking, a character in the series ‘Lost’ and the name of Jennifer Aniston in Love Happens.


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A healthy and wide individual
French, German
 E..  El..  Ela..  Ele..  Elg..  Eli..  Eal..  Eel..  Eil.. 

How To Pronounce Eloise?


Famous People With The Name Eloise

  • Susan Eloise “S.E.” HintonAmerican writer, best known for “The Outsiders”
  • Eloise MumfordAmerican actress known for her role in “Lone Star”
  • Eloise GreenfieldAmerican children’s book author famous for her descriptive and rhythmic style
  • Eloise BroadyAmerican model and actress known for “Weekend at Bernie’s”
  • Lavern Eloise LawsAmerican singer and a member of the famous Laws family of musicians
  • Eloise Klein HealyAmerican poet best known for writing “Passing”
  • Eloise Hughes SmithFamous survivor of the 1912 RMS Titanic disaster
  • Eloise BazaFirst woman and Chamorro to hold the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Elouise P. CobellTribal elder and activist known as “Yellow Bird Woman”

Eloise On The Popularity Chart

This name has been increasing in popularity right from the 2000s. These graphs highlight its usage clearly.

Popularity Over Time

Overtime, the name’s popularity has grown. In 2021, it witnessed the sharp rise so far.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name made it to the list of top 500 feminine names in 2011. View this rank graph to get more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Eloise

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Name Numerology For Eloise

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