6617 English Baby Boy Names With Meanings

The Great Britain was once a kingdom where the sun never set. The influence of the English is felt across the globe as it had its colonies everywhere. English baby names are some of the most popular ones in various parts of the world, irrespective of the religion or the region in which the baby is born. Momjunction brings you a list of English baby names for boys. See which suits your baby the most!

AddisonThe son of Adam, from the red earthBoy
CarterA person who uses a cartBoy
ChristianFollower of Jesus ChristBoy
ColtonFrom a dusky, dark village, where there is no lightBoy
GraysonThey love truth and desire to understand and analyze the world.They are very broadminded and hardworking.Boy
HudsonEnglish - Son of Hudd; Son of Hugh;Boy
HunterA person who hunts wildlifeBoy
JackOne who thinks that the God is graciousBoy
JaxonGod has shown favorBoy
JaxsonJack's sonBoy
LandonMan from the long mountainBoy
MadisonSon of a mighty warriorBoy
Aarenthe name has several meanings In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Aaren is: Lofty or inspired. it also means high mountainBoy
AaricRule with Mercy; Graceful RulerBoy
AaronMessenger (Hebrew); Enlighted; Mountain of Strength; From the Old Testament, AaronBoy
AartCeltic - Stone; bear; German - Thor; The Eagle ; A variant form of ArthurBoy
Aaydensomeone like fire, fieryBoy
AbacuckOne who likes to seek adventure and travelBoy
AbbeMy Father is Joyful ; A Variant of AbbyBoy
AbboA Condiment (Mudama Origin)Boy
AbellExhalation of Breath; A Variant of AbelBoy
AbenStands for father of many or multitudeBoy
AbhathaA cultural and enthusiastic personBoy
AbhigitaA happy go lucky and spontaneous personBoy
AblamarA bright, lonely and accepting beingBoy
AboFather; Short form of name AbottBoy
AbygayleOne who is the father of many peopleBoy
Acermeans Unity in Latin; A variant of name AceBoy
AchazHebrew - God is Holding; One that Takes or PossessesBoy
AchestanThe stony land bearing oak treesBoy
AchimHebrew - Yahewh will establish; A name variant of Joachim.Boy
AchrafMost Honorable One; A variant of AshrafBoy
AckerleighMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AckerleyOld English surname meaning "Oak meadow."; A variant of AckleyBoy
Ackley(English) Meadow of oak treesBoy
ActonOne who is placed or settled near the oak treeBoy
Acwaldwho is from the forest of oakBoy
Acwuldwho belongs to the wood of oakBoy
AcwulfA wolf from the oak meadowsBoy
AdairOne who is fortunate and powerfulBoy
AdalsonSon of AllBoy
AdamssonThe son of Adam, from earthBoy
AdcokThe offspring or the son of AdamBoy
AddamSon of the Red Earth; A variant of name AdamBoy
AddaneyeOne who is living on a noble person's islandBoy
AddeNoble; Kind; Wise; PoliteBoy
AddiA Variant of Adde; Noble; NobilityBoy
AddisSon of Adam; Son of the Red Earth; A derivative of name AdamBoy
AddneyLives on the Noble's Island; A variant of AdneyBoy
Adelardnoble strength in German; A variant of AbelardBoy
AdemHebrew - Man; Old Greek - Manly; BraveBoy
AdeyA short form of Adam, of the earthBoy
AdgarA happy and peaceful spearBoy
AdimIn Hebrew - Man; A variant of name AdamBoy
AdiranLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdisonA Variant of name Addison, Son of AdamBoy
AdissonSon of AdamBoy
AdisynThe son or offspring of AdamBoy
AdkenOaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in HebrewBoy
AdkinsSon of Aiken; A variant of AdamBoy
AdkynOaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in HebrewBoy
AdmiralA high rank in the navyBoy
AdnyLives on the Noble's Island; A variant of AdneyBoy
AdoAwe-inspiring; Highborn; Without Further Ceremony; Noble; NobilityBoy
AdolfoNoble wolfUnisex
Adolphusnoble wolf; A derivative of name AdoBoy
AdrasMeans Manly in GreekBoy
AdredThe old counsel, the agedBoy
AdstanA noble stone, honourable stoneBoy
AeccestaneThe stone of a swordsmanBoy
AecciA cool headed, informal and energetic personBoy
AedanAn Irish name which is diminutive form of name Aed implying fire and means born of fireBoy
AedelfleteA fast noble personBoy
AednothA medieval monk, a prelateBoy
AeduinA rich or blessed friendBoy
AeduuardA rich guard of wealth and fortuneBoy
AeduuinA blessed friend, a rich oneBoy
AeficThe King's high reeveBoy
AegheardA protector cowherdBoy
AegthrythThe protector of strengthBoy
AekerMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AekerleyMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AekermanMan of Oak; A derivative name from AekerBoy
AekleyMeadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of AckerleyBoy
AeldredusThe noble red-haired personBoy
AelfrythThe king of mystical powersBoy
AelfstanA magical stone with supernatural powersBoy
AelfthrythThe strength or elf or super powersBoy
AelfwaldA forest of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwaruThe guard of the mystical powersBoy
AelfweardThe guardian of supernatural powersBoy
AelfwinFriend of the mystical powersBoy
AelfwineA friend of elves, or nymphsBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AelredA noble wise man or counsellorBoy
AembrihtA balanced, rational and confident personBoy
AenedleahOne who is from an awesome meadowsBoy
AenescumbOne who lives in the valley of majestic peopleBoy
AengifuThe gift for the eyeBoy
AescwigA fight or rumble near the ash treeBoy
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