381 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EambaldA mature and bashful oneBoy
EanbaldThe one who is easygoing and accurate personBoy
EanbeorhtA normal, reliable and high spirited personBoy
EanfrithA nonjudgemental and frank personBoy
EanhereA forgiving, alluring and passionate personBoy
EanlacAnalytical, forgiving and ethical personBoy
EanmaerAn experienced, modest and accomodating beingBoy
EanredOne with a great spiritual insightBoy
EansigeA self assured, naive and well spoken personBoy
EanulfAn autentic human beingBoy
EanwineA wholesome and insightful beingBoy
EanwulfA happy and content person; geniusBoy
EarcanwaldOne who has a mystic personalityBoy
EarconbehrtA loving and caring individualBoy
EardlyOne who is from a capable and efficient familyBoy
EardnothA direct, natty and artistic beingBoy
EardwulA happy-go-lucky person.Boy
EarleyIt means eagle wood.Unisex
EarlieDerived from the word earl it means a noble person.Boy
EarnA serious minded individualBoy
EarnestSerious minded and spiritual beingBoy
EarnmundAchievers and high rankersBoy
EarnwulfEthical, wholesome and noble beingBoy
EaronFrom the River TownBoy
EarpwaldA well bred, philosophical personBoy
EarvinA thrifty friend; they are happyBoy
EarwineThe one who is white river; a friend of seaBoy
EarwynOne who is the friend of seaBoy
EasterwineA person who is a quick thinker and appreciates arts .Boy
EastmanGrace-protector; It also means nature lover.Boy
EastreThe bright Moon; contentBoy
EataIts derived from the word eta which means to shine.Boy
EatonIt means a riverside village.Boy
EattonDerived from the word eaton it means island settlement.Boy
EatunAn enclosure or settlementBoy
EborardA very expressive,adventerous and spontaneous nature person.Boy
EbullA secretive person; one who is like BullBoy
Ebulusmember of a good counselBoy
EcciEmotional person who is energizedBoy
EcgaAn emotional, clever and good individualBoy
EcgbaldA brave friend; they are clever mindedBoy
EcgbehrtHas analytical mind and is bright and shinyBoy
EcgbeorhtOne who has high level of understanding; quick thinker and intelligentBoy
EcgelOne who is born with a friendly natureBoy
EcgheardA clever person; who is sharp wittedBoy
EcghereOne who is clever and makes decisions at right timeBoy
EcgiA stable, warm and motherly beingBoy
EcgricLoud as a thunder; having strong desire to succeedBoy
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic nameUnisex
EcgwineOne who is quick in actions; spontaneous and generousBoy
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