381 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EdbertOne who is a born wealthy; bright personBoy
EddisBrave and powerful son of EdwardBoy
EddrickA good fortune; determine and stubbornBoy
EddricusStrong in material sense and is idealisticBoy
EddyA wealthy guardian; rich and friendlyBoy
EddyeAn independent; protector and saviour; wealthy friendUnisex
EdedOne who is full of joy and is a delightUnisex
EdelmarrOne who is having a high rankBoy
EdgarFavoured by good luckBoy
EdgarsLatvia version of Edgar, meaning fortunate and powerful.Boy
EdgedOne who is cutting; sarcastic in natureBoy
EdgertonA blessed town; posperous warriorBoy
EdgyueOne who is propsperous in warBoy
EdilfredA noble and propsperous rulerBoy
EdisonOne who is a succesor of EdwardBoy
EdlenOne who is like a high waterfallUnisex
EdmaA prosperous guardian; one who shows light and wayBoy
EdmarOne who is like a wealthy seaBoy
EdmeOne who lives in a very fine protectionBoy
EdmeeHonourable and a gift of almightyBoy
EdmodRich defender; they are born to defend and protectBoy
EdmonnOf High status in societyBoy
EdmundSuccessful person; they have a unique styleBoy
EdoGuardian of wealth and healthBoy
EdrichFull of energyBoy
EdrickStrong and healthyBoy
EdrikStrong and efficient personBoy
EduardaFamous bearer of light and energyBoy
EduardoThe holder of rich propertyBoy
EduinoWealthy companion; one who has lot of moneyBoy
EduinusImaginative and naive beingBoy
EdulfOne who is of good personalityBoy
EdusOwner of many spearsBoy
EdwaldWealth and fortune; the one who is fortunateBoy
EdwardOne who is like a rich guardBoy
EdwardaRich and famous personBoy
EdwardeA wealthy guardBoy
EdwardsGuard; one who is a good defenderBoy
EdwardsonSon of a guardian; EdwardBoy
EdwardusSon of edward; fortunate friendBoy
EdwaryaGreat and truthful person; one who can enjoy lifeBoy
EdyopeDeliberate, young and polite beingBoy
EegelwinOne who can spread peace and well beingBoy
EferhardBrave and efficient warrior; they have powerBoy
EferleahA meadow; valley filled with flowersBoy
EgbinA blunt, informal person; honorableBoy
EgbryhtEntertaining and warm hearted beingBoy
EgelwinA warm hearted and impulsive personBoy
EgferthAn excitable, homey and respectful beingsBoy
EgfrithThey are wonderful human beingsBoy
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