710 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CarterA person who uses a cartBoy
ChristianFollower of Jesus ChristBoy
ColtonFrom a dusky, dark village, where there is no lightBoy
CabeHe who is a ropemakerBoy
CabellA name of a ropemakerBoy
CableA person who makes ropesBoy
CactusA desert plantUnisex
CacumattusA very old and rare nameBoy
CadaAn animal who is an orphanBoy
CadabyrA person who comes from the warrior's townBoy
CadbyHe comes from the settlement of the warriorBoy
CaddaTo be at war with someoneBoy
CaddahamOne who comes from the land of the warriorBoy
CaddamOne from the warrior's landBoy
CaddaricA leader in the battleBoy
CaddarikHe who leads in the battleBoy
CaddawycHe is from the warrior's townBoy
CadorA name of the King Arthur's nephewBoy
CadwallonA king's nameBoy
CadwaredAn English Boy nameBoy
CaedmonOne who fights in the battleBoy
CaedwallaA name of the King Arthur's nephewBoy
CaedynA round manBoy
CaefcaA Boy name of English originBoy
CaegelAn independent, self assured and confident individualBoy
CaegiAn English name for BoysBoy
CaeginAn English Boy nameBoy
CaeglaAn old English nameBoy
CaelicHeavenly manBoy
CaelinHe who is like heavenBoy
CaeliusA person from heavenBoy
CaerdinOne who is a wood carderBoy
CaersewiellaOne who lives at the watercress springBoy
CaerwynOne from the white fortressBoy
CageA vonfiding spaceUnisex
CaiBrother of King ArthurBoy
CaidenA son of CadanBoy
CaidenceA cadence, rhythmBoy
CailaeA strongfold, a fortBoy
CaillouA bald headed manBoy
CainHe who is good with the spearBoy
CainanHe who possesses and purchases thingsBoy
CairoOne who is victriousUnisex
CaironA man from CairoBoy
CalahanOne who loves churches and templomsBoy
CalbertHe who herds cowsBoy
CalbexHe who is a shepardBoy
CalderOne who comes from the river of stoneBoy
CaldreOne who comes from the stony riverBoy
CaldwellA man from the cold springsBoy
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