383 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DelmontTopographic name;coming from mountainBoy
DelonA faithful and confident beingBoy
DelosName of a place in GreeceBoy
DeltonA farmstead in a wooded valleyBoy
DelvanA darling and beloved individualBoy
DelvinA bright friend who loves and caresBoy
DelvonGod-like; a broadminded personBoy
DelwynA wonderful beingBoy
DelwynnA thoughtful friend; braveBoy
DemarionOne who is dedicated to Mars; manlyBoy
DemasonA successful and brilliant writer; optimisticBoy
DemasoneSon of a JudgeBoy
DemelzaStrong fort; the popular oneBoy
DenSon of Dennis; the one who is a good rulerBoy
DenahiA high ranking officerBoy
DeneheardOne who is in true depth of natureBoy
DenewulfA warm hearted, neat and fearless individualBoy
DenhamA homestead in a valleyBoy
DenholmA valley island; strong relationship with familyBoy
DenisonSon of Dennis; have great powerBoy
DenleyMeadow which is filled with flowersBoy
DenlieA meadow which is in the valleyBoy
DenlyA positive and beautiful beingBoy
DenmanOne who resides in a valleyBoy
DennieRoman God of growth; winemakerBoy
DennisonGod of vines; winemakerBoy
DennysonThe intuitive, imaginative son of DennisBoy
DenstonA normal and outspoken personBoy
DentA hill; tooth; independentBoy
DentenName of a valley townBoy
DentinSmall town in a valleyBoy
DentonName of a town in the valley; greenBoy
DenverName of a state in ColoradoBoy
DenzellName of a place in Cornwall; self reliableBoy
DenzielA youthful ans powerful beingBoy
DenzilA nobleman who is a brave as well as gentleBoy
DeontaAn enduring personBoy
DeontaeAn enduring individualBoy
DerekThe people's rulerBoy
DeshawnModern Invented NameBoy
DevonPlace name in Olde EnglishUnisex
DharvinBlend of Daryl and MarvinBoy
DiadamaOne who strives for lifeBoy
DiamontA determined person; they are preciousBoy
DibEloquent; one who has given a wordUnisex
DibinOne who has a strong heart and mindBoy
DibricAn idealistic and sensitive personBoy
DibyenduBlacksmith who has powersBoy
DicaHard worker; one with supernatural powersBoy
DiccelA clean cut, lively and energetic personBoy
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