383 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DiccinA casual daydreamer; neat individualBoy
DickensA beloved and famous KingBoy
DickiePet form of Richard; tough personBoy
DickonDerived from name Richard; powerful personBoy
DickonsA blessed and peaceful, powerful rulerBoy
DiclaA caring and daring individualBoy
DiconBlacksmith who has powers; historical figureBoy
DigOne who is anxious to attain fame and successBoy
DigbyA farm near the ditchBoy
DiggoryAn ashtray; a lost individualBoy
DigoryA kind hearted and nature loving personBoy
DigothA tactful and happy personBoy
DikesoneOne who has immense love and care for natureBoy
DikkA person who is nature lovingBoy
DilbertOne who is bright and sunny as daylightBoy
DilisoA beautiful and vast sky; joyBoy
DillardA faithful person; a good little boyBoy
DimitrieOne who is the master of directions; strengthBoy
DinalOne who has intense desire to associate with peopleBoy
DineshOne who is Jehovah's judgementBoy
DiniasA deliberate, insightful and normal personBoy
DiondreThey are a blend of Dion and Andre; lovable personBoy
DioniseOne who shines very brightly; creativeBoy
DionitesThey have an army of staffBoy
DionteDionysius; a King of mercyBoy
DiricusAn interesting and studious individualsBoy
DishOne who has a pure heart and soulBoy
DisnuOne who has a desire to change the worldBoy
DissaithA day dreamer and a hard working personBoy
DitA say; one who puts his time to good useBoy
DiuaretA meditative and stable person; light of heavenBoy
DiuinA stable and firm person; part of divineBoy
DiversA hero from the heaven; plays for the teamBoy
DivesOne who is a rich man; wealthy oneBoy
DixA strong and efficient rulerBoy
DjA believer of truth; high congenital capacityBoy
DoaneA person who is spontaneous ,bubbly and has a deep desire to express himselfBoy
DobA person who has the desire to help and serve othersBoy
DobagniIt means a motivated personBoy
DobbinsA serious minded,responsible and stable personBoy
DobbsGift from God, A person who is clever , responsible and makes good judgementsBoy
DobitvciA person who has natural interest in the welfare of his menBoy
DobsonBright, Famous ,A gift from GodBoy
DobuA honest and faithful and extremely fortunate person who will bring prosperity in what he doesBoy
DobynA person who takes responsibility seriously and wants to serve the societyBoy
DocA healer, A person who has logical and analytical approach to lifeBoy
DoccA person who is quick and capable of assimlating new ideas easilyBoy
DockIt means the seventh sonBoy
DocunniA person who has strong desire for successBoy
DoddIt is used to denote a lumpish personUnisex
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