381 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EabbaIt is derived from the hebrew word abba which means 'Father'Boy
EadbealdA heavenly lightBoy
EadbeorhtThe name eadbehort means 'Wealthy'Boy
EadburtIts derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy.Boy
EadelmarrA person who is noble.Boy
EadfridA serious-minded and responsible person.Boy
EadfrithThey are generous human beingsBoy
EadgarIt means a very powerful person.Boy
EadgerOne who is fortunate and powerfulBoy
EadheardEthical and easygoing personBoy
EadhedOne who has earned respect of manyBoy
EadhereA self-centered person.Boy
EadlacA happy and content personBoy
EadmerA respected and diplomatic personBoy
EadmodA homestead; providing protectionBoy
EadmundOne who has riches and is a protectorBoy
EadnodAn energetic and alluring beingBoy
EadnothAn ethical and analytical personBoy
EadricThey are manly and wealthy rulerBoy
EadseleOne who is from Edward's estateBoy
EadsigeAnalytical, smart and intellectual beingBoy
EadstanA superior personBoy
EadulfA person who has an intense desire to serve others and be the helping hand in the society.Boy
EaduuardA majestic personalityBoy
EadwardsoneA person with the desire to serve humanity.Boy
EadwealdIt means 'Prosperous Ruler'.Boy
EadweardEd means 'Rich' and weard means 'Guardian'.Boy
EahfridA diplomatic and honorable human beingBoy
EaldbehrtThe one who is independent and happyBoy
EaldbeorhtThe one who is in love with natureBoy
EaldfrithA serious minded and stable personBoy
EaldhelmA helmet; they are venerable beingBoy
EaldhereAccomodating and level headed personBoy
EaldredHappy and efficient; realistic beingBoy
EaldunOne who is from the elves's valleyBoy
EaldwineOne who is a true old friendBoy
EaldwodeThey are the one who have power and healthBoy
EaldwulfA clear minded, intelligent beingBoy
EalfledAn authentic, loyal and effective personBoy
EalgmundEarnest, level headed and composed individualBoy
EalhdunOne who belongs to the valley of the ElvesBoy
EalhelmA high spirited, energetic personBoy
EalhhardA brave and kind individualBoy
EalhheardA helpful, honest and authentic beingBoy
EalhhereOne who is a temple armyBoy
EalhhunThey are friendly natured and have strengthBoy
EalhmundOne who is very good naturedBoy
EalhsigeAttractive, loyal and humble personBoy
EallardOne who is a brave personBoy
EalricThey are very brave, wise and happyBoy
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