381 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

ElinwyThey are insightful, lonely and youthfulBoy
ElisaelExcited and lonesome individualBoy
ElisotaEllis's son; one who is a good warriorBoy
ElissaThey are Eliss's son; strong and mightyBoy
ElizeusOne who can seek and understand truthBoy
EllderAnother form of Elder tree; has strengthBoy
ElldredAn old and wise counselBoy
EllerA cheerful person who lives near an Alder treeBoy
EllereyA charming and cheerful person; an Alder treeBoy
EllerieOne who has a cheerful and friendly personlaityBoy
ElleryOne who came from Demeter; an Earth LoverUnisex
EllgerOne who is born to spread joy and peaceBoy
EllingtonOne who belongs to the Ella's townBoy
ElliotJehovah is GodUnisex
EllisonSalvation; one who is the Son of ElderBoy
EllistonThe God is JehovahBoy
EllmerOne who has a noble heart and soulBoy
EllsonA person who is fully dedicatedBoy
EllstonThe one who belongs to the farmBoy
EllswerthClosure; a habitational nameBoy
EllsworthEnclosure; a habitational nameBoy
ElltonOne who is a brave God's fighterBoy
EllwoodThe one who belongs to the old forestBoy
ElmetAn independent and dependent personBoy
ElmirThe person who is very nobleBoy
ElmoOne who acts like helmet and provides protectionBoy
ElmoorOne who resides in the Elm treeBoy
ElmoreNear a river bank; Elm treeBoy
EloraOne who is ready for battleBoy
ElphabaA literary nameBoy
ElphegeA responsible and noble personBoy
ElphynA hardworking fellow who works for greater goodBoy
ElricA wise and kind ruler; a KingBoy
ElrickA habitational name; a noble rulerBoy
ElrodThe one who is born ruler; GodBoy
ElroyA red-haired youth who is a KingBoy
Elsdonthis means one who is from a noble hill like Elli's Valley.Boy
Elsinnoble and true.Boy
Elstanthis means elf stoneBoy
Elstonthis means my god is Jehovah from Elijah or someone from old town.Boy
Elsworththis means someone who is from the estate of the noble.Boy
Eltonthis name means someone who is god's fighter.Unisex
Eluredthis means someone who is very smartBoy
Eluretthis means someone of royal originBoy
Eluricthis means an old wise ruler.Boy
Elvernthis name means a wise elf friend.Boy
Elvetthe meaning of this name is swan stream.Boy
Elveythis name means elf warriorBoy
Elvinthis name means noble friend or wise old friend.Boy
Elvythis name means elf warrior or elf friend.Boy
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