381 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

Elwellthis name means someone from old spring.Boy
Elwenthe meaning of this name is old friend.Boy
Elwinthis name means elf or wise friend.Boy
Elwoldthis name means an old forest tree.Boy
Elwoodthis nam means an elder forest tree.Boy
Embraceit means to hug someone or show affection.Unisex
Embresomeone who rules the hearts and homes of people.Unisex
Embrythis name means someone who is good at winning people's hearts and as a result enters their hearts and homes.Unisex
Emersonthis name is often used for describing a strong and powerful leader who is extremely brave.Boy
Emerythit means an industrious leader with work power.Unisex
Emestit has meanings like serious, being determined or a feeling of earnest or great vigour.Boy
Emetthis means whole or universal truth.Boy
Emitsomeone who has everything or is universal.Boy
Emitta powerful person known all over the universe.Boy
Emmersonone who is brave and powerful.Boy
Emmersynthis name signifies someone who is powerful and brave at heart.Boy
Emmeta powerful person.Boy
Emmetesomeone who has great strength and is hugely powerful.Boy
Emmetona person born out of power.Boy
Emmettsomebody who has a lot of power and is brave.Boy
Emmitit means the entirety or the universe.Boy
Emmittthe whole universe in its entirety.Boy
Emmotpowerful and strong.Boy
Emmotathis is a name which signifies someone who is strong and extremely powerful.Boy
Emmotttough, extremely powerful and strong built.Unisex
Emmsit means someone who is a son of the universe.Boy
Emorybrave, powerful, industrious leader.Boy
Empaa leader of the people derived from the word emperor.Boy
Emsthe whole universe.Unisex
Enderbyit is a famous English surname.Boy
Engeleda description of the word angelic or a possible old English refrence to England.Unisex
Engelraman extremely pure soul or an angel.Boy
Enniaunthe family name of a great writer during ancient Roman civilization.Boy
Eofora boar in Old English.Boy
Eoforwicsomeone from the bear state.Boy
Eorlanda noblemen's land.Boy
Eorllanda land belonging to noblemen.Boy
Eorlsona nobleman's son.Boy
Eormenburhpeople belonging to noblemen's landBoy
Eormengarda strong person from a nobleman's land.Boy
Eormenreadsomebody who has undertaken a public oath.Boy
Epica long story or novel.Unisex
Epicelenaa very long narrative or story or novel.Unisex
Eragona fictional character who rides a dragon.Boy
Eralsomebody of nobility.Boy
Erchambauta British word meaning loved by all.Boy
Erconbertan old king of Kent.Boy
Eremboura character from mythology who rides shadows.Unisex
Ericksonson of Erik; son of ruler.Boy
Ericosomeone who rules the people of a land.Boy
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