239 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

FableName means a story.Unisex
FaccaThe sheep in the pasture.Boy
FaddaThe flock of the sheep in the meadow.Boy
FaeganA joyful personBoy
FaerA man who loves to travelBoy
FaerwaldA person who is mighty travelorBoy
FainHe who is joyfulBoy
FaineOne who has a good natureBoy
FairbanksA bank along the pathwayBoy
FairfaxOne with blonde hairBoy
FairlayA meadow of bullsBoy
FairleeA bull meadowBoy
FairleighOne who is from the ram meadowBoy
FairlieOne who is from the bull's pastureBoy
FairlightA light that is shining brightBoy
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairmanHe who is fairBoy
FairouzA white roseBoy
FajahatOne with good natured personality, charming and funny individualBoy
FalcaA versatile, desirable and generous human beingBoy
FalconA Falcon birdBoy
FalconerA falcon keeperBoy
FalconnerOne who trains falconsBoy
FalkSurname meaning falconBoy
FallonA supremem personBoy
FaltaEnglish name for BoysBoy
FanShort from Francis, a famous bearerBoy
FaneOne who is very happyBoy
FannvciA rational and thoughtful natured individual; efficientBoy
FanucusEnglish name for BoysBoy
FaolanOne who runs with the wolvesBoy
FaragarsAn accepting, rational and refined individualBoy
FaranHe who moves forwardBoy
FarewellAn english greeting, mening a beautiful wellBoy
FarinAn adventurous personUnisex
FarlHe who is from the fern clearingBoy
FarlayA man who lives on the fern fieldsBoy
FarleighHe who comes from the bull's pastureBoy
FarleyA man whose home is on the fern fieldsBoy
FarlowOne who comes from the pasture of bullsBoy
FarlyOne who lives near a bull's pastureBoy
FarmerOccupational nameBoy
FarnallOne who comes from the slope of fernsBoy
FarnamA Boy whose home is the fern meadowBoy
FarnellA person who came from the fern slopeBoy
FarnhamHe who came from the field of fernsBoy
FarnleaA male from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleeHe is from the fern meadowBoy
FarnleighHe is from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleyA person who lives on the fern fieldsBoy
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