304 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GraysonThey love truth and desire to understand and analyze the world.They are very broadminded and hardworking.Boy
GaarwineA close mate with a spear.Boy
GabbaThe whirling waterBoy
GableJunior Gabriel or Son of Gabriel.Boy
GaddRefers to thorns or point.Boy
GadgeGod is my strength; God's Able Bodied One;Boy
GaenaOne who loves nature and out doorUnisex
GaenbaldA person who is a reserved and respected personBoy
GaenbealdOne who is versatile and religious personBoy
GaenburhAn alluring, noble and high spiritedBoy
GaeraA person who is respectable and nobleBoy
GaerwulfOne who is easy going and helpful by natureBoy
GaeteA refined and attractive individual; tactfulBoy
GafaAn understanding and involved personBoy
GageOf the pledgeUnisex
GaheresA sensitive, mature and loyal personBoy
GaherietAn inspiring and affectionate personBoy
GaidonOne who appreciates life and beautyBoy
GaigeOf the pledgeUnisex
GaihomA sensitive, refined and practical personBoy
GaillardPerson who is bliss and strong.Boy
GailynRefers to a visitor or guest.Unisex
GainesFraud or dishonesty.Boy
GalefridusA spontaneous and detail loving personBoy
GaleunThe city which is situated on a high place.Boy
GalilhaiA person who is unique and passiveBoy
GallantA name for high spirited and cheerful personBoy
GallcunA creative, passionate and patient beingBoy
GalleronA person who is extremely generous and passiveBoy
GallifreyRefers to fantastic or unreal.Unisex
GalltonProprietor of an parkland.Boy
GallunSystematic and passive individualBoy
GalofortA detailed and metriculous personBoy
GalogrinansAn interesting and analytical personBoy
GaltThe land full of timber.Boy
GaltonProprietor of a leasing land.Boy
GalusiePassive and easy going personBoy
GannOne who protects with a spear.Boy
GanulfA person who has scientific and patient mindBoy
GaradenComes from the mountain which reflects as a triangle in shape.Boy
GaradinRefers to a fountain which has three points.Boy
GaradunA mountain which has three corners.Boy
GaradynA hill which has 3 angles.Boy
GarafeldA meadow which resembles as a shape of triangle.Boy
GaratunThe person who lives in a triangle shaped farmhouse.Boy
GarautOne of a great surnames.Boy
GarbeorhtOne who is self expressive and loyalBoy
GarcOne who is born with original ideasBoy
GardThe person who works in a garden.Boy
GardenerRefers to a person who is a worker in garden.Boy
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