441 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HudsonEnglish - Son of Hudd; Son of Hugh;Boy
HunterA person who hunts wildlifeBoy
HabbieA per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert, meaning famous and brightBoy
HackmanServant, one who servesBoy
HaddanA heath covered slopeBoy
HaddenFrom the heathBoy
HaddonChild of the heather-filled valleyBoy
HadenBasically Abdul Muzanni was a narrator of Hadith.Boy
HadleyFrom the heath covered meadowBoy
Hadlyvariations of the name HadleyBoy
HadonFrom the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated landBoy
HadwinWar friend in english, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the warBoy
HadwynCompanion during the war, Friend during wartimeBoy
HadwyneBuddy in warfare, companion in war timeBoy
HaeccelEnergetic, compassionate, cautiousBoy
HaecciIdealistic, highly imaginative, intuitiveBoy
HaeccinA person who have a deep inner desireBoy
HaefenSafety, shelter, well beingBoy
HaeferA dude who looks cool but turns into an arrogant person before your eyesBoy
HaefericOne who owns the river meadowBoy
HaeleLives in the hallBoy
Haemgilswoody hill, forsted hillBoy
Haestingastribes of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Violent, aggressive, fierceBoy
Haethbeorhtdeep inner desire to lead, organize, superviseBoy
HaethowineCompanion in war or in hard timeBoy
HagaleahFrom the enclosed meadow, From the protective fieldBoy
HagaleanFrom the circumvented area, From the enclosed enclosureBoy
HaganYoung (In Gaelic), Little Hugh (In Irish) Strong defender (In Teutonic )Boy
Hagawardcustodian of the hedged enclosed spaceBoy
HagleeBordered by hedges, Surrounded by hedgesBoy
Hagleighenclosed meadow, together with grazing landBoy
HagleyFrom the hedged enclosureBoy
HaglyFrom the hedged enclosed spaceBoy
HahaExclamation of Surprise;Boy
HailenEnglish - Hollow; A derivative of HalenBoy
HaiuoenWelsh Boy namesBoy
HalbertShining jewel, Dazzling heroBoy
HalburtConqueror, Brave Man, SuparmanBoy
Halewho lived in a corner, RobustBoy
HalebeorhtBright HeroBoy
HaligwiellaResides by Holy SpringBoy
HalinHall dweller, Dweller from the manorBoy
HallamDweller in the remote Valley;Boy
HalleyFrom the hall in the groveBoy
HallfordFrom the Valley FordBoy
HallseyFrom Hal's IslandBoy
HallsteinSettlement in a nookBoy
HallstenEnglish - Estate on the hill; A variant of name HalstonBoy
HallsyVariant of HalseyBoy
HallwardGuardian of the HallBoy
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