325 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

LeofuuinDearest friendBoy
LeofuuinusName representing beloved friendBoy
LeofwigLove of warBoy
LeofwinDear friendBoy
LeofwineThe friend who is very dearBoy
LeofwynnBeloved dear friendBoy
LeonardeLion-like bold menBoy
LeonatoName of the Governer of MessinaBoy
LeoricFrom the Latin word Leo, means He is like a LionBoy
LeotisA person who doesn't have a care in the worldBoy
LeotonA carefree perosn, someone who is tranquilBoy
LeouardHe whose bravary can be compared to a lionBoy
LeouricAn individual who resembles a lionBoy
LesA gardn of holiness and sancityBoy
LesterA place name from the city of Leicester, meaning from a legion campBoy
LetardAn old medeval english surnameBoy
LetcherA medeval doctor, a healer who uses leechesBoy
LetricA person full of energyBoy
LeuerunTo make peace with each otherBoy
LeuuinA dear friend or a dearest friendBoy
LeveridgePeople from town LeveridgeBoy
LevertonName meaning from the rush farmBoy
LewenThe one who is a beloved and dear friendBoy
LewinBeloved, dear friendBoy
LewineA beloved friend or a dear friendBoy
LexingtonTown of the new lawunisex
LeycesterName of town Leicestershire, meaning Roman townBoy
LeylandThe one who lives by unseeded landBoy
LeymahThe name means ''what is it about me?"Boy
LeymanMan from the meadowBoy
LeytonTown with leek gardenBoy
LiafwineA clever and quick minded personBoy
LiddellA place name from a region in England and is also a river nameUnisex
LidinA surname of Sweden OriginBoy
LiellusA little book; analytical naturedBoy
LienartA surname used in Medival England, means hard as a lionBoy
LiftonA person who lives in the town beside the hillBoy
LightningA bolt, a lighting in the skyUnisex
LightonA place name from a Yorkshire in North England, mostly used as a surnameUnisex
LiliwinHonest and hard working individualBoy
LimitlessOne who has no limitsUnisex
LincColony on the lakeBoy
LincoinA settlement by the poolBoy
LindallLinden tree valleyBoy
LinddunA person who resided by the linden treeBoy
LindebergA resident of the Hill where linden trees growBoy
LindenA kind of a tree. A linden treeBoy
LindhardHe is strong like a Linden treeBoy
LindisfarneA name of a tidal island in England, known as a Holy IslandUnisex
LindleaA wood of Linden treesBoy
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