352 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MadisonSon of a mighty warriorBoy
MaaglantA happy and versatile individualBoy
MaaskelahA capable and organized leaderBoy
MabbeEnglish surname meaning loveableBoy
MabreyOne who brings joy and happinessBoy
MabyleOne who is holy or blessedBoy
MaccaCommon nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son ofUnisex
MacchaA variant of Macha; Hebrew - One who raises (brings up); Irish - PlainBoy
MaccusCeltic - Hammer; Latin - Great; A variant of name MagnusBoy
MaccvtreniOne who has strong inner strength and is expressiveBoy
MaceGift of God; a medieval weaponBoy
MachutusA name of a saintBoy
MackenziGaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;Boy
MackynzieThe son who has a handsome fatherBoy
MaconMaker, one who makes thingsBoy
MacoyOne from the linden tree hillBoy
MacvdecetiA sensitive, decent and good individualBoy
MacvtreniOne who has a modern attitude and is tolerantBoy
MadiSon of Mad; battle mightyBoy
MadissonSon of the Mighty Warrior; Son of Maud; A variant of MadisonBoy
MadogWelsh - Fortunate; Good; Beneficent; Son of Madoc; A variant of MaddoxBoy
MadorName from Arthurian Legend, accuser of GuinevereBoy
MadulfOne who is dedicated to war, warlikeBoy
MaedOld English - From the MeadowBoy
MaegenfrithCombination of names Megan and Frith, meaning peace bringing pearlBoy
MaeglaOne who is warlike, warring, dedicated to MarsBoy
MaelwineOld English - Friend; Strong Friend; a variant transcription of the name MelvinBoy
MaerecA respectful, artistic and modern individualBoy
MaeretA form of Margaret;Pearl; Little Famous OneBoy
MaerewineFamous Friend; Strong Friend; A variant form of MaelwineBoy
MaerheardA famous fighterBoy
MaeronCeltic - One who is bitter; A variant is MaerynBoy
MaersaOne who is gentle and calm personBoy
MaerynCeltic - One who is bitter; A variant is MaeronBoy
MaethelgarOne who is a famous spearmanBoy
MaethelwineCouncil Friend; Strong friend; A variant of name MelvinBoy
MaettherePowerful Army; Strong ArmyBoy
MagenHebrew - Shield; Sanskrit - Engrossed; A variant spelling is MaganBoy
MaggotThe larva of the flyUnisex
MagicA supernatural power, an illusionUnisex
MaglicunasA male place name of english originBoy
MaglocunosA Prince; Hero; Chief HoundBoy
MaglocvniAn English name orginates from a Welsh MontBoy
MagloriusA name of a Welsh MonkBoy
MaglusA person dedicated to the God of WarBoy
MagottA grub, wormBoy
MahogonyA type of a wood, a Mahogony treeUnisex
MaialesAffectionate, emotional and serious personBoy
MailbrigitA pretty and exalted oneBoy
MairlandOf the Meadows; Someone from the meadows by the streamBoy
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