158 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

NacienThe person who comes from the north face.Boy
NaisbitThe nose-bend of the riverUnisex
NaisbittThe nose-bend of a piece of groundUnisex
NanowneA Greenlandic name; a Polar bearBoy
NapA resourceful, practical and gorgeous beingBoy
NarboarA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the daylight.Boy
NarboartA rational, balanced and tactful personBoy
NasappaA reserved, strong and creative beingBoy
NashBelongs to the ash treeBoy
NatureSomething natural, made by GodBoy
NavarsuA person who likes to travel and experienceBoy
NaylandThe island dwellerBoy
NealsonThe born son of Victor.Boy
Necessityunavoidable or extremely requisiteUnisex
NectoveliusPeople from the northern cliffBoy
NedWell to do protector.Boy
NeddieThe guardian who is rich and prosperous.Boy
NeddyThe mate who is flush and well off.Boy
NeedhamThe person in need of a place to stay.Boy
NeeliThe one who is winning the competition.Unisex
NeetaThe person who is acceptable and endurable.Boy
NeilsonThe person who is having affection by the general public.Boy
NekoThe butter made from the Sheep's milk.Unisex
NelsenThe born son of the victor (the champion)Boy
NelsonThe born son of Neal (the hero)Boy
NenniusThe person comes from the northern face.Boy
NerianThe person who cares for others.Boy
NerovensA knight from the northern regionBoy
NesbitResembling the image of nose.Boy
NesbittResembling nose-bendBoy
NeshaunGod is graceful or elegant.Boy
NeshveeA good judge; pleasant and humble beingBoy
NevilleThe freshly established city.Boy
NewboldThe fresh born tree the small tree.Boy
NewhallThe hall that is just madeBoy
NewlandThe newly bought land or location or place.Boy
NewlandsThe lands that war bought recentlyBoy
NewlynFrom the shrine of Saint Newelina.Unisex
NewmanThe new born child or the fresh one.Boy
NewtThe newly built city.Boy
NewtonThe newly established urban.Boy
NicThe master of all.Boy
NichasinA quick, versatile and funloving personBoy
NicklasThe winning person of the people.Boy
NickoleThe fighter who is fighting on behalf of people.Boy
NicksonThe overcomer fights for the people.Boy
NicsonThe born son of the victorious people.Boy
NiewheallNewly constructed hall, fresh place.Boy
NijelWinner, conqueror, hero, overcomer.Boy
NikkoThe deity of success.Boy
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