257 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter P

PacenSon of Peace; A variant form of name PaysonBoy
PachimaOne who belongs to the west townBoy
PackstonOne who belongs to the peaceful farmBoy
PaddingtonName of an Estate of PaddaBoy
PadenBald; A variant transcription of PattonUnisex
PaeccA confident and a born leaderBoy
PaeccaOne who is like a little rockBoy
PaeccelAn idealistic and independent individualBoy
PaecgaOne who is born with great abilitiesBoy
PaegastunOne who belongs fighter's farmBoy
PaegnaA sensitive and refined individual; bridgeBoy
PaellaAn individual who is strong like a mantleBoy
PaelliA self assured and confident individualBoy
PaenA person born with expressive and patient natureBoy
PaettelOne who is born to endureBoy
PaettiA strong and extremely generos personBoy
PagaOne whose eye is fixed on the landBoy
PaigeOne who is a noble white boy or a helperUnisex
PaineA local villager or a rustic individualBoy
PaitonOne who is villager or a warriorUnisex
PalamidesA deep, sensitive and bright individualsBoy
PallmerOne who strong as the Palm treeBoy
PallocA person who is secretive and sensitiveBoy
PalmarA Palm tree of the holy landBoy
PalmerA Palm tree belonging to the holy treeBoy
PalmereA Palm tree which grows in holy landBoy
PalomidesThey are unchristened; they are having a desire for perfectionBoy
PampA person who is like a little rockBoy
PanA shephard who is a care takerBoy
PantelionA thrifty, logical and natty personBoy
PapaharanaOne who is the destroyer of all evilBoy
ParatylOne who is lighted like a flameUnisex
ParellaA clever and clear sighted personBoy
ParhamHabitational name meaning a Pear farmBoy
ParindOne who has a mind for personal gainBoy
ParischA creative and practical personBoy
ParkA topographic name; one who lives near parkBoy
ParkaA variant of Parke which means Park Keeper; Keeper of the Park; Also a type of coat jacketBoy
ParkarOne who is the keeper of the parkBoy
ParkerOne who is the keeper of the park; forest rangerBoy
ParkereA forest ranger or a keeper of parkBoy
ParkerrA clever minded; keeper of parkBoy
ParkerreA gamekeeper; who is the keeper of parkBoy
ParkinA little rock; one who is obedientBoy
ParkinsThe one who is the son of ParkinBoy
ParkinsonThe son of ParkinBoy
ParkkerOne who is the keeper of the farmUnisex
ParkusAn English Surname formed from habitational placeBoy
ParkyrKeeper of the farmland; wonderfulUnisex
ParnallA little rock or a stoneBoy
ParnelA stable person; it is a nineteenth century nameBoy
ParnellOne who is appreciated and lovabeBoy
ParrEnglish - Enclosure; From the Cattle Enclosure; A variant is ParreBoy
ParrkerOne who is the keeper of the parkUnisex
ParsonAn occupational name for a priestBoy
ParsonsA name given to a servant in Parson's houseBoy
PartyOne who is energetic and flexibleBoy
PasquereAn active, self controlled individualBoy
PassaA person who loves harmony; little rockBoy
PatA regal and noble individualBoy
PatinA variant of Paton; hill and streamBoy
PatsuquaOne who is entitled to all happinessUnisex
PatsyA variant of Patty; regal and nobleUnisex
PattenOccupational name for the maker of clogsBoy
PattersonOne who is the son of curly headed oneBoy
PattinOne who is from the warrior's townBoy
PattonHe belongs to warrior's townBoy
PaueeAn individual whose money is paidBoy
PaulocOne with quick and clever mind; analyticalBoy
PaulsA small and little beingBoy
PaulsonFrom Paul; a little sonBoy
PavliniAn assertive and lonesome individualBoy
PawelinusAn individual who is passionate and efficientBoy
PaxonOne who is deeply quiet and understandingBoy
PaxtenOne from the peaceful farmUnisex
PaxtinOld English - From the peaceful town; A variant of name PaxtonBoy
PaxtonThe one who is from a peaceful settlementUnisex
PaxtunA person who is from peaceful townUnisex
PaydenOne who is from fighter's farmBoy
PaysonEnglish Surname; Means Son of Pays; Pays is a form of Pax which means peaceBoy
PearrocOne who belongs to the forestBoy
PearsA variant of Peter; piersBoy
PechthelmAn easygoing, talented and casual beingBoy
PeckOne who dwells near the peakBoy
PecthelmA trusting and humble beingBoy
PedrogOne who is born famousBoy
PedtonName of a priest's villageBoy
PeekiOne who is a peak or pointed hillBoy
PeerlessEnglish - American: Incomparable; UnmatchableBoy
PeersA Peter; a rock and a stone like personBoy
PelhamOne which is derived from a place in BritainBoy
PeliandisA diplomatic and systematic individualBoy
PellOne who is the dealer of fursBoy
PellogrisA versatile and quick minded individualBoy
PelltunA person from the pool farmBoy
PelsonA sensitive and idealistic naturedBoy
PeltonA name for a settlementBoy
PemotaNative American - One who walks emotional spectrumBoy
PemtonHabitational name for a hillBoy
PenkaThe one from an enclosed meadowBoy
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