458 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RaedwolfA red haired wolfBoy
RaelanAn essenceBoy
RaffA red wolfBoy
RahereA strong counselorBoy
RahshoneEnglish name for BoysBoy
RaingerA gamekeeperBoy
RainholdA smart protectorBoy
RalahA man with successBoy
RaleahOne from the meadow of roe deerBoy
RaleghA meadow of roe deerBoy
RaleichOne from the deer meadowBoy
RaleighOld English - From the deer meadow; A variant form is RaileyBoy
RaleyA place name, deer meadowBoy
RallyOne from the roe deer meadowBoy
RalstonSurname meaninig Ralph's townBoy
RammA male sheep, ramBoy
RamondOne who guards wiselyBoy
RamsayA variant of name Ramsey; Derived from a place name meaning Wild-garlic Island in Old EnglishBoy
RamsdenValley of ramBoy
RamseyA variant of name Ramsay; Derived from a place name meaning Wild-garlic Island in Old EnglishBoy
RamzeyRam's islandBoy
RanceEnglish - Son of the shield; Latin - Laurel; Bay; A short form of RansomBoy
RandaleA shield-wolfBoy
RandelA surname variant of Randolph, means wolf's shieldBoy
RandkinOne who has a little shieldBoy
RandolfA house wolf, prostectorBoy
RandollSurname, means wolf shieldBoy
RandonVariant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblemBoy
RandsonSon of RandBoy
RandulphusA shield with a wolf emblemBoy
RaneA mighty counselorBoy
RanfieldOne from the raven's fieldBoy
RangeyOne from raven's islandBoy
RangfordHe who is from raven's fordBoy
RangleyOne from the raven's meadowBoy
RangyOne from raven's islandBoy
RanielA variant of Ranielle which is a variant transcription of the name DanielleBoy
RankinA small shieldBoy
RanlynEnglish name for BoysBoy
RanndyA house wolfBoy
RannochGaelic name meaning fernBoy
RansfordA raven's fordBoy
RansleighA raven's fieldBoy
RansleyA raven's meadowBoy
RanslyOne who lives near the raven's fieldBoy
RansomA son of a shield makerBoy
RansomeSon of RandBoy
RanulfusEnglish name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolfBoy
RaoOne who is auspiciousBoy
RaoulA red wolfBoy
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