557 English Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaagarAn English surname meaning wiseBoy
SabatOne who is born on SaturdayBoy
SabehrtA self assured and inspirational personBoy
SabeorhtA British Boy nameBoy
SabernOne who is good with a swordBoy
SabertA swordmanBoy
SaddlerOcupational name. A man who makes harnessBoy
SadiriAn inspirational person; a fortBoy
SadlerAn occupational name, harness makerBoy
SaebaldA refined and deep individualBoy
SaebehrtA hopeful, strict and attentive beingBoy
SaebeorhtOne who is the glory of the seaBoy
SaegarA sea spearBoy
SaegeatA bridgeBoy
SaegerA man of the seaBoy
SaeligOne from a happy meadowBoy
SaemannA man of the seaBoy
SaerOccupational name, a carpenterBoy
SaewaldAs powerful as a seaBoy
SaewardA victory at sea, surnameBoy
SaeweardA guardian of the seaBoy
SaewigA wise, excited and gracious personBoy
SaewineA sensitive and congenial natured personBoy
SaewulfA wolf of the seaBoy
SaewynnA friend of the seaBoy
SaffordOne from the willow fordBoy
SaffrenA name of a flowerBoy
SagarOne who is supreme, the wisest oneBoy
SagramoreA tree, a sycamore treeBoy
SagraniAn English Boy name, mostly used as a surnameBoy
SailorOccupational name, a man on a boatBoy
SaindorA loving and caring individualBoy
SaintA holy person, a saintBoy
SalathaA variant of Salat; to saltBoy
SalfordOne from the willow fordBoy
SalhdeneOne from the valley of the willowsBoy
SalhfordOne from the ford where the willows growBoy
SalhtunA place in the willowsBoy
SaliciduniA willow townBoy
SalicidunusOne who comes from a town of willowsBoy
SalisburySurname, means willow fortressBoy
SalleySurname, meaning servatns in the hallBoy
SallsburyA place name, town nameBoy
SaltonHe comes from the place of the willowsBoy
SambornThe brook that is sandyBoy
SammFrom the name Samson, meaning the son of SamBoy
SammonA son of SolomonBoy
SamsonOne who is like a SunBoy
SanbornFrom sandy brookBoy
SanborneOne with natureBoy
SanbournFrom sandy streamBoy
SanbourneFrom a gritty brookBoy
SanburnFrom the stream with a gritty bedBoy
SanburneFrom the gritty streamBoy
SandbornFrom a arenaceous streamBoy
SandbourneFrom a gritty small riverBoy
SanderA short form of AlexanderBoy
SandersonProtector of manBoy
SandfordA Crossing or intersectionBoy
SandfurdFrom the river crossing which is sandyBoy
SanditonFrom the sandy townBoy
SandonCame from the sandy hillBoy
SanersoneSon of alexanderBoy
SanfordFrom the sandy fordBoy
SansaoVariation of Samson. Sam's sonBoy
SantA saintBoy
SantonOne from a sandy farmBoy
SarOne who is in painBoy
SargeShort from sargent, commanderBoy
SatucA diligent, strong minded and trusting individualBoy
SaturdayA day in a week; Saturn's dayUnisex
SaundersSon of AlexanderBoy
SaundersonAlexander's son, son of defender of menBoy
SavenA capable, studious, detail oriented and respected beingBoy
SawalEnglish name for BoysBoy
SawardSurname, means victory at seaBoy
SawyerWoodcutter An Occupational nameUnisex
SawyereA timber cutterBoy
SawyersWood workerBoy
SaxenA swordsmanBoy
SaxleueOne who has a daggerBoy
SayerA woodcutterBoy
SayersOne who recitesBoy
SayetsiA trusted, mature and huble natured beingBoy
SaylorA sailorUnisex
SaymundVictory of peaceBoy
ScadwiellaOne from the shed springBoy
ScaffeldOne from the crooked fieldBoy
ScandleahHe who comes from the noisy meadowBoy
ScandyA boisterous personBoy
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or RedUnisex
SceafaName of the ancient Lombardic king in English legendBoy
SceaftThe tribe famous for sheep breedngUnisex
SceaftenFrom the sheep or of the sheepUnisex
SceapleighOne who comes from sheep meadowBoy
ScebbiOld English name for BoysBoy
ScefBriish name meaning ElfBoy
SceldA person who is social an amiable; reasonableBoy
SceleyA field near the oceanBoy
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