388 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BrooklynA stream of water, a brookGirl
BaileyAn administrator or a manager; a GoddessUnisex
BailiOne who can reach great heights and depthsGirl
BailyA hard working steward personGirl
BailyeOne who has the desire to uplift humanityGirl
BaisleyPaisley; unique and majesticGirl
BakerOne who keeps the communal kitchenGirl
BaldehiuaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BaldehuiaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BaldethIt symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and an analytical mind.girl
BaldethivaIt symbolizes enthusiasm and optimism.girl
BaldgiuaA genuine and attentive personGirl
BalethivaIt means intelligent, valued and brilliant.girl
BalieghThe name means a bailiff or a law enforcerGirl
BalthildisThe name means responsibility and considerable.girl
BananaA tropical tree-like plant and it's edible fruit.Girl
BanksEdge of the RiverUnisex
BarabaraRight; AppropriateGirl
BarbareGeorgian form of Barbara, meaning the foreignGirl
BarberellaA comic book by Jean-Claude ForestGirl
BarberyCollective land of the Berber peopleGirl
Barbetaa protective circular armour support for a heavy gun turretGirl
BarbiTraveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; ForeignGirl
Baritaa person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffeeGirl
BarothaEnglish naem for girlsGirl
BashemathMeans 'fragrance, sweet-smelling' in Hebrew.Girl
BaterichEnglish name for girlsGirl
BaubieDiminutive of Barbara; Strange; ForeignGirl
Bayleabailiff; berry woodGirl
BayleeBailiff, fine looking, attractiveGirl
BayliePublic Official;Girl
BeaddaA battle maidGirl
BeaduWarrior MaidGirl
BeaduburgA fortressGirl
BeagaEnglish name for girlsGirl
BeageA little oneGirl
BealdaShe who is beautifulGirl
BeardaA river bankGirl
BeatkaBlessed, Holly,Girl
BeatrixProvider Of JoyGirl
BeatrixeExplorer through Life;Girl
BeatrizBrings JoyGirl
BeaueWe like the fact that it sounds like David Bowie's last name.Girl
BeccyShort form of RebeccaGirl
BeckieCaptivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; JoinedGirl
BecokA free spirited oneGirl
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