417 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

CactusA desert plantUnisex
CaddieA free womanGirl
CadenaA rhytmhmic personGirl
CadenceA rhytmic woman, one with the beatGirl
CadeyA pure hearted womanGirl
CadyA flow of sounds that has rhytmGirl
CadynaA girl with good rhytmGirl
CadynnA rhytmic girlGirl
CaelynA heavenly girlGirl
CaetlinShe is pureGirl
CaetlynA woman who is pureGirl
CaettiShort for caitlyn, means a pure oneGirl
CafnaA rhythmic personGirl
CageA vonfiding spaceUnisex
CagneyOne who is caged and trappedGirl
CaillaA ceremonial and young attendantGirl
CaillinA girl, a femaleGirl
CaindaleOne who comes from the valley near the riverGirl
CairoOne who is victriousUnisex
CaisieA piece proclamationGirl
CaitlinA fair and pure womanGirl
CaldwiellaShe is from the cold springGirl
CaleahA woman known for beautyGirl
CaledonA tough personUnisex
CalicoA cloth, a materialGirl
CalitaThe loved oneGirl
CalleighA woman warriorGirl
CallenA woman who is powerful in the battleGirl
CallyrThe name means larkGirl
CambriaA place name, one from CambriaGirl
CambrieAn inveted modern nameGirl
CambrynShe has a crooked noseGirl
CameShe brings joyGirl
CameliaA name of the flowerGirl
CamellaOne who is like Camelia flowerGirl
CamelliaShe is like a Camelia flowerGirl
CamerynHer nose is crookedGirl
CamiOne of crooked noseGirl
CamilaShe attends ceremonialsGirl
CamillaA woman of unblemished characterGirl
CamilleShe is a virgin of pure characterGirl
CamilliaA pure virginGirl
CamlynHer nose is beautifuly crookedGirl
CammShe has a bent noseGirl
CammiShe is very nobleGirl
CammieShe is a flowerGirl
CammyShe is a priest's helperGirl
CamylleA virgin with a pure characterGirl
CandaceA pure and sincere womanGirl
CandasaA woman of clarityGirl
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