231 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter D

DaaiyahThe one who follows ChristGirl
DabneyJudge; one who imparts justiceUnisex
DabriaAn angel of deathGirl
DacaDramatic and easy goingGirl
DaelynA very small valleyGirl
DaenerysA created nameGirl
DaesgesageEyes of dayGirl
DagianBeautiful dawnGirl
DailynPretty flowerGirl
DainaGood natured individualGirl
DairricaChild of AdamGirl
DaiseeA flowerGirl
DaiseyVariant of name DaisyGirl
DaishaThe one who is aliveGirl
DaisiName of a flowerGirl
DaisieDay for an eyeGirl
DaisleyThe one who cannot be explainedGirl
DaisyA beautiful flowerGirl
DaleThey belong to a personUnisex
DaleeOne who lives by the valleyUnisex
DalenaSmall valleyGirl
DaleneA beautiful valleyGirl
DalennaPrecious little jewelGirl
DalindaNoble SerpentGirl
DalleenThe educated oneGirl
DallyTo delayGirl
DallysA resting placeGirl
DalwBeloning to a valleyUnisex
DameA ladyGirl
DametaMethodical; processGirl
DamisonaIntelligent and braveGirl
DanahThe one from DenmarkGirl
DanaiahPeaceful natureGirl
DanaraDetermined and confident individualGirl
DandraA brave womanGirl
DandretAn ethical personGirl
DaneshaA fictional nameGirl
DanetFrom DenmarkGirl
DaneyshaOne who is at crossGirl
DaniseLord is a judgeGirl
DanitzaA feminine LordGirl
DanylynnA lovely personGirl
DaraliceVery nobleGirl
DaralisOne loved by allGirl
DaralynDerived from AirelleGirl
DarbeeA Deer ParkGirl
DarbeyGrazing park for DeerUnisex
DarbianaA free manGirl
DarbieName of a place where Deer grazeUnisex
DarecaVindicated oneGirl
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