347 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

EileveOne who believes in GodGirl
EilingBird; a versatile and creative beingGirl
EilvilaGood elf; reticent and serious oneGirl
EilyssiA hardworking individualGirl
EimearOne who is blessed with six gifts of womanhoodGirl
EisleyA cheerful and magical person; who is majesticGirl
EkateriniEach one of the two; famous rulersGirl
ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
ElahaAn enchanting human beingGirl
ElanorOne who is of the high born rankGirl
ElataThe light coming fron the heartGirl
ElbaName of a placeGirl
ElbertaA glorious and intelligent personGirl
ElberthaA high born and shining personGirl
ElbertineA noble and glorious personGirl
ElbertynaA noble and glorious babyGirl
EldredaA sage who is an old counselGirl
EleanorOne with bright and shining personalityGirl
EleanoreThe bright and shining lightGirl
EleaseNoble being who takes God as oathGirl
EleenaThe one who shines even during darknessGirl
ElenorA bright individual; they are specialGirl
ElenoraBright light; thoughtful personGirl
ElesaThe one who is elegant and traditionalGirl
EleseaAn independent person who takes God as his oathGirl
ElestrenA trusted person; they are uniqueGirl
ElethaA gracious person who is very much lovableGirl
EletheaOne who is joyous and happy personGirl
ElethiaThey are healer who cures peopleGirl
ElettraA healer who really likes to cure peopleGirl
EleutheriusThe shining Sun; they are the ones who share lightGirl
ElewysThe one who is the most beautiful of allGirl
EleynA hazelnut; they are passionateGirl
ElfedaThey are very powerful and have strengthGirl
ElfieA good Elf; they are compassionateGirl
ElfildaA rigid, stable and hard working personGirl
ElfledThey are beautiful peopleGirl
ElfledaA noble person; they are born beautifulGirl
ElfletA lovable person; beautiful and full of passionGirl
ElfletaA tender and logical person; amusingGirl
ElfreThey are peaceful and loves peaceGirl
ElfriedaStrong as an ElfGirl
ElfrydahOne who knows magic like an ElfGirl
ElfswithaA loyal and friendly personGirl
ElgaElfin Spear; HolyGirl
EliamarOne who has deep faith in destinyGirl
EliarysThey have got the amazing imaginative powersGirl
ElidaA beautiful winged creatureGirl
EliisabetOne who takes God as Oath; helpful personGirl
ElilenA hazelnut; they are compassionateGirl
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