347 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

ElisonGod is a promise and an oathGirl
ElisseA tender and adorable personGirl
ElissiaGod of Oath who provides satisfactionGirl
ElitiaOne who is chosen by the GodGirl
EliviaA fertile Olive treeGirl
ElizabelleOne who takes God as an OathGirl
ElizabetheThey are born mediators and activeGirl
ElizandraOne who has all the beauty of the worldGirl
ElizotaA unique name; an expert of music and artGirl
EllamaeA combination name; one who is true to allGirl
ElleeOne who works with everyone; creative and excellent personGirl
EllenVariant of Helen; bright, shining lightGirl
EllenaOne who is the most beautiful women; full of lightGirl
EllenmaeA foreign element who are variant of Ellen meaning lightGirl
EllenyThey are happy people; form of Helen which means brightGirl
ElleryOne who came from Demeter; an Earth LoverUnisex
EllesaOne who came from Alyssum flowerGirl
EllessaOne with a noble, charming and friendly natureGirl
EllesseOne who is stable and loves familyGirl
EllettaA magical Elf with powersGirl
EllexisOne who is born to create harmonyGirl
EllfreddaOne who has the power of a powerful ElfGirl
EllfrydaThe one who has magical strengthGirl
ElliaOne who gives out LightGirl
ElliotJehovah is GodUnisex
EllishaAnother Greek form of ElijahGirl
EllorieSalvation providerGirl
ElloryOne who is filled with joy and hapinessGirl
EllotOne who is blessed with charming natureGirl
EllotaAn easy going and social personGirl
EllowynOne who is the source of creationGirl
EllyceElijah's Greek form; compassionateGirl
EllydaThe one with creative and restless natureGirl
EllynLike Helen; a beautiful womanGirl
EllyseThe individual who likes harmonyGirl
EllysiaA reason; one who is from heavenGirl
EllysonThe one who is Ellis's sonGirl
ElmeraOne who excels; likable personGirl
ElmeriaOne who is social, likable and friendlyGirl
ElmiraNoble and kind hearted person; a born princessGirl
ElmyraAn imaginative and idealistic person; nobleGirl
ElnoraOne who is born to spread lightGirl
ElorahGod has given the Laurel; god helpsGirl
EloriahOne who is truthful and faithdulGirl
ElotaOne who wears the crown of victoryGirl
Elspetthis means someone who has been chosen by god or someone who is devoted to god.Girl
Elspeththis is the Scottish form of the name Elizabeth which means god is my oath or chosen by god.Girl
Elthiathis means a healer.Girl
Eltonthis name means someone who is god's fighter.Unisex
Elueuathis means someone who is mentioned in the old biblical testament with a lot of grace.Girl
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