99 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FableName means a story.Unisex
FaeA confident woman who believes in herselfGirl
FaelaOne who is beautiful like a daybreakGirl
FaeleOne who is like dawnGirl
FaelynnW woman who is like a beutiful fairyGirl
FaerieShe who is like a little fairyGirl
FaerrleahShe looks likea a fairyGirl
FairamayA fair maidenGirl
FairleyOne who is from the yellow meadowGirl
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairyA magical creatureGirl
FallynShe who is in chargeGirl
FanceenOne who is freeGirl
FanniShe who is greeGirl
FannieShe who is freeGirl
FannyA free girlGirl
FarenA person who loves adventureGirl
FariA light haired womanGirl
FarinAn adventurous personUnisex
FarraA pleasant and lovely girlGirl
FarronOne who is a servant and handsomeUnisex
FaruA woman with light hairGirl
FateOne of great destinyGirl
FaunShe who is like a young deerGirl
FaunaA fawn, a young deerGirl
FawnYoung Deer; Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was FaunaGirl
FawnaShe is a young deerGirl
FawneLike a young deerGirl
FayA fairy-like womanGirl
FayaA woman who is like a fairyGirl
FayannaA woman of confidence and trust and beliefGirl
FayeA woman of great confidence and trustGirl
FayleeShe who is like a fairyGirl
FaylinnTo live in the Fairy KingdomGirl
FayreA gorgeous woman, a beautyGirl
FaytOne with good faithGirl
FaythA faithful womanGirl
FeatherOne soft as a featherUnisex
FebruaryA second month of the yearUnisex
FeiOne who is like a fairyGirl
FelbertaA brilliannt young womanGirl
FeleciaA woman with happy natureGirl
FelelolieAn old English name for girlsGirl
FeliceA fortunate and happy ladyGirl
FeliciaOne blessed with luckGirl
FelicityA woman with good luck and fortuneGirl
FelienneA gracious woman of good luckGirl
FelinaA cat-like womanGirl
FemmotaOne who speaks and talks wellGirl
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