232 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JaaneA gracious gift of GodGirl
JacalaOne who likes truth and filled with youth and charmGirl
JaceeA flower type, a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacieShe who heals peopleGirl
JackelineOne whose portector is GodGirl
JackelynShe who believes God is her protectorGirl
JackiHer protector is GodGirl
JackieA woman protected by GodGirl
JackleenMay God be her protectorGirl
JacklinGod may protect herGirl
JacklynShe may be undr God's protectionGirl
JacklynnA girl who believes God is her protectorGirl
JackyA pet name, means the one who finds God to be graciousUnisex
JacobinaA woman who believes in the protection of GodGirl
JacolynShe is a supplanterGirl
JacynthA woman who looks like hyacinth flowerGirl
JacyntheShe is pretty as a hycinth flowerGirl
JadiraOne with gren eyes, the gemstone jadeGirl
JadisApparently created by C.S. Lewis for the characterGirl
JadyA jade of a gemstone, the beautiful green colorGirl
JaeWoman who is like a jay birdGirl
JaedenA thankful personUnisex
JaedynOne who will be judged by the God and is thankfulUnisex
JaenThe mercifulness of YahwehGirl
JaenaA graciousness of YahwehGirl
JaenetteOne who knows God's graciousnessGirl
JailandA youthful. energetic and talented individualGirl
JakodiOda's childUnisex
JaleneModern English combination nameGirl
JalynA jay birdGirl
JameciaShe who is from JamaicaGirl
JamelyShe who is from the valleyGirl
JamelyaOne from the glenGirl
JameyaOne who healsGirl
JamiA beautiful womanGirl
JamisynA name for girlsGirl
JamiyaA surrogate, a replacementGirl
JanaiGod has given an answerGirl
JanaiaGod has heardGirl
JanaisGod has answeredGirl
JanayaGod has answeredGirl
JanayeGod has heard and gave an answerGirl
JanberkOne who likes to explore, creative and full of youthGirl
JanceyOne from the glenGirl
JaneaGod is graciousGirl
JaneaneVariation of Jane meaning God is graciousGirl
JanelDiminutive of Jane, mening God is mercifulGirl
JaneleGod is graciousGirl
JaneshaHebrew - Yahweh is Gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A Form of JanessaGirl
JanettaA gift from GodGirl
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