232 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JeneaneThe mercy of God is foreverGirl
JeneeGod endows his mercy upon mankind.Girl
JeneeferThe white colored girlGirl
JeneenGod bestows his grace upon me.Girl
JeneferBright, tender, kind and gentle.Girl
JeneilThe winner of all hard waves.Girl
JenellThe one who is forgiving, reasonable and warm.Girl
JeneneThe person who is impartial in her spirits.Girl
JenessaThe girl who is easy going, soft and fine looking.Girl
JenettaPerson who is just and upright.Girl
JeniannaA graceful or favourable ladyGirl
JenibethThe oath of a white ladyGirl
JenieferA lady with the fair complexionGirl
JenifarThe fairer of allGirl
JenileeBlend of Jenny(God is merciful) and Lee (green field).Girl
JenilynA benevolent and mercifulGirl
JenilynnThe one who is benevolent, without malicious intent.Girl
JennabelThe girl who is just of peace.Girl
JennabelleA girl who is just and trueGirl
JennaraeThe girl who is just in her spirits.Girl
JennaseeLatest variation of Jenny (God is gracious) and Jennifer (just and reasonable).Girl
JennavieveOne who possess good spiritual moralities.Girl
JennayGod has given his blessings to me.Girl
JennelleGod's grace is adequate to all of us.Girl
JennessaCombination of Jennifer and VanessaGirl
JennevaVariant of Genevieve (Race of women)Girl
JennexOne who is attractive and good lookingGirl
JennyannVariation of Jenny (God is graceful)Girl
JennyeGod has been fair and yieldingGirl
JenralynRefers to an intelligent and bold girl.Girl
JentrieNobility or aristocracyGirl
JentzieA noble born or a high bornGirl
JeorjiaThe girls who works in a farmhouse.Girl
JeovanaRefers to precious talent from God.Girl
JeovannaGod is full of mercy and tender care.Girl
JeraldeenOne who is a king with spearGirl
JeralynMixture of jerry (ruler hold the spear) and Marilyn (wishing for a baby).Girl
JerelynGirl who is having clever mind and daring.Girl
JerileneFeminine of gerald; One who is good at spearGirl
JerilynRules with spearGirl
JerilynnA spear warriorGirl
JerlineYour mother's son; Female version of johnGirl
JerrilynModern blend of jerry and marilyn; WaterfallGirl
JeselleFair and smoothGirl
JesmyndaA variant of Jasmine, a fragrant flowerGirl
JessameThe one who is rich in properties.Girl
JessamyA jasmine flowerGirl
JessikaA character in shakespeare's the merchant of veniceGirl
JevaEasy to give forgivenessGirl
JewelAn accessory used as a decoration on oneselfGirl
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